The Excellence of Rubelli on the Venice Simplon-Orient Express

Traveling on the legendary Venice Simplon-Orient-Express now also means immersing yourself in the world of Rubelli’s textile excellence.

The Venetian maison has indeed developed and produced fabrics for the new Suites of the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express, A Belmond Train, Europe. The project stems from Rubelli’s collaboration with Belmond and Wimberly Interiors with the aim of providing travelers with a unique experience of wonder and comfort on rails.

Aboard the Venice Simplon-Orient Express: A Tapestry of Luxury Woven by Rubelli

The Suites of this luxury train are furnished with refined and exclusive custom 100% Trevira CS (fireproof) jacquard, making an already dreamy journey even more enchanting.

All crafted in the Rubelli weaving mill in Cucciago (Como), they are declined in shades of green, blue, hazelnut, and beige/white/blue. The designs were provided by Belmond and are inspired by the landscapes that travelers can admire along the train route, coming to life in the fabrics themselves: the lush greenery of La Campagne, the autumnal scenery of Le Foret, the snow-capped mountains of Les Montagnes, and the moonlight reflection of Le Lac.

Four textile masterpieces, the result of intense research and development, allowing the creation of designs with yarns that meet highly restrictive requirements in the contract field.

Photo Credits: Ludovic Balay


The Excellence of Rubelli on the Venice Simplon-Orient Express

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