InVisible. The joy of the unexpected.The secrets of SieMatic.

If one wished to sum up the SieMatic brand in just a few succinct words, they would have to be: innovative, inspiring, fascinating.

“The SieMatic S2 Next Generation, with its iconic design, new materials and surfaces, precise finishes, and innovative functions such as SieMatic SecretSpace and SieMatic SecretService, is truly captivating. With its variability, personalisability and durability of design, it will be a source of great joy to its users. With the new S2, SieMatic has made its timeless handleless classic kitchen even more inviting, enabling it to be further integrated in the living space.” Jörg Overlack, Head of Brand & Corporate Communication.

A magical interplay of the visible and invisible.

The new SieMatic S2 generation unites in spectacular design the visible and invisible to create a new icon of quiet luxury, a sublime status symbol, which is far more than just the sum of its parts. In a magical interplay of interior and exterior, every detail tells a fascinating story of astounding beauty, functional marvels and meticulous craftsmanship.

With the flick of a wrist, closed pieces of furniture are transformed into decorative shelves, hobs are hidden below sliding countertops, appliances are stashed within elegant cabinets, or entire kitchen segments are concealed behind sliding folding doors.

Visible and invisible – the new SieMatic S2 maximises reduction to the essential. Rotating cabinet elements and flat drawers within S2 recess channels can be integrated invisibly, whereas the sophisticated combination of matt aluminium titanium, oak hazel brown, ceramic storm gris, fishbone tarsie veneer and contrasting velvet matt black for the recess channels, cabinets and plinths is just one example of an exciting and visible range of high-quality materials and carefully selected colours.

Kitchen lovers have new possibilities to create their own, unique living space with a restrained, elegant aesthetic which subtly accentuates the interior design without overemphasising the genius of its functionality.

A journey into the art of kitchen design, and a celebration of excellence.

True luxury is defined not by numbers, but by experience. When everything appears to be interconnected in an elevated harmony, a special magic ensues, visibly and invisibly. Behind the elegant fronts of the tall, wall and base cabinets in gold bronze aluminium, behind the warm brown selected from over 2,000 special colours within the SieMatic Individual Colour System, and behind the dark flamed walnut veneer, the pioneering innovations SecretSpace, SecretService and MultiMatic from SieMatic are just waiting to be revealed.

Cabinet elements in anodised gold bronze aluminium and with polished, slender profiles caress full-height elegant glass cabinets with mirrored back walls. In central position within the room, the island in SQ velvet matt lacquer is both the control centre of the kitchen and the area where everyone can congregate and enjoy the space.

The tall cabinets on the right in dark flamed walnut with a vertical veneer house some of the appliances and conclude with a SieMatic SecretSpace tall cabinet which can change between being a decorative open shelf element and a closed cabinet protecting its precious contents. The new SieMatic S2 generation only reveals its hidden secrets and talents when you take a closer look. A door covertly designed to blend in with the kitchen conceals a wet kitchen, utility room and pantry.

Invisibility as the perfect symbiosis of presence and purism.

The open-plan contemporary kitchen is becoming increasingly invisible, cleverly hiding appliances, bar and functional areas behind sliding doors. This opens up completely new possibilities for an elegant, puristic design in which the SieMatic kitchen is the focus, but without its functionality being permanently on show.

The exceptionally generous choice of one, two and four-panel side-sliding doors in numerous different heights and widths provides many options for the creation and concealment of individually planned areas. When closed off, nothing can disturb the formal calm of the SieMatic kitchen design: its puristic presence is maintained.

SieMatic sliding doors, with their restrained elegance and unlimited functionality, can be used playfully as a fluid transition between rooms and their functions. Their versatility, both aesthetically and functionally, makes them predestined for a high-quality, full-height interior design in SieMatic materials and colours, guaranteeing a seamless continuity of design and surfaces with SieMatic kitchen and living elements.

The new SieMatic S2 generation, here in matt lacquer sahara beige and oak graphite with mitre corners, circular tabletop, anodised black matt recess channels and “SecretService”.

The DNA of the SieMatic S2 includes its peripheral recess channels, here in anodised matt black, which appear to make the special 1 cm fine SieMatic SteinDesign countertop float, lending it a particular lightness. The meticulously mitred corners of the fronts and side panels are characteristic of the consistent standard of high-quality, luxurious living and interior design.

The veneer and lacquer fronts of the S2 suggest a completely new living space through their fine edges and selected high-quality materials, together with the special SieMatic wall glass cabinets which take up the metal and lacquer shades of the kitchen. The new colour sahara beige, here in matt lacquer, can be ordered for the complete range of SieMatic materials in both matt and glossy.

The new circular tabletop in a coordinated finish breaks up the kitchen further and is ideal for a quick breakfast, an evening snack or as a practical workspace. The 7 m long row of full-height cabinets offers an immense amount of clever storage, and yet does not feel dominant or overpowering due to its structure and agreeable mix of materials.

With SecretService, a drawer with a Push2Open mechanism concealed within the 3.5 cm flat recess channel of the SieMatic S2, SieMatic demonstrates its high level of interior design competence yet again. SecretService increases storage and provides a quick overview of, and access to flat and fine objects such as a set of knives, cheese and truffle slicers, or smartphones and tablets. Equipped with magnetic knife holders, or with dividers in smoked chestnut and light oak to match the SieMatic interiors and MultiMatic, they can be individually configured and also magnetically hold kitchen knives safely in place.

The new SieMatic S2 generation, here in one of 2,050 special colours and velvet matt agate grey, surprises with its ability to transform and its “SieMatic SecretSpace”.

The kitchen architecture of a SieMatic S2 is determined by its absence of handles and its clear forms. Interrupted only by conscious lines which set the stage for the kitchen. It is timelessly elegant. It can be planned starkly and minimalistically, with restrained fronts, recess channels and countertops. Or expressively, using e.g. warm woods, shiny nickel recess channels and colour-coordinated natural stone countertops. Or with the ability to transform.

At first glance, this almost monochrome SieMatic S2 composition of materials and colours appears to be minimalistic and at the same time inviting. Only the asymmetrical stacking glass cabinet, glazed on three sides, and the offset sink unit with its practical channel in front of the wall niche discreetly break up the structure and composition. Warm lacquer shades on the fronts and in the recess channels harmonise with the Taj Mahal natural stone of the countertops and niche cladding.

Placed parallel to each other within the room are two almost identical islands with countertops in Taj Mahal natural stone. Here, too, an additional secret of S2 only becomes clear when you take a closer look: SecretSlide. The SieMatic SteinDesign countertops slide apart to reveal a generous hob or, if preferred, a sink with a lowered tap. The subtle distinction is in the details and the precision of the finish.

Overlays with mitred edges on three sides cover the central worktop in 1 cm thickness which houses the hob and the smooth integrated mechanism, giving it the appearance of living room furniture. Extended fully on both sides, the overlays lock into place and can be used as seating areas or an extended worktop. Because the mechanism runs so smoothly, objects can be stored on the sliding overlays permanently.

But this is not the end of the hidden talents. No obvious clue betrays the SieMatic SecretSpace in the units behind the elegant corners of the base and tall cabinets. The new SieMatic S2 generation only reveals its secrets on closer examination. At the flick of a wrist, and thanks to revolutionary translatory rotation, a closed “cabinet” unexpectedly becomes a luxury, veneered shelf in a contrasting colour, uniting kitchen and living spaces in one sophisticated move.

An unrivalled haptic and visual experience. When open, neither a pullout nor a door are in the way. The first-class mechanism, with the precision of a classic Swiss clockwork, guarantees completely smooth running, thanks to which not even the lightest of objects can move from their position.


InVisible. The joy of the unexpected.The secrets of SieMatic.

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