Kitchen Black Steel

Elegant design and excellent performance become a perfect unicum in the BlackSteel Siemens refrigerator series, with its intriguing black steel charm, capable of giving the kitchen a contemporary and highly technological allure.

The line presents a refined aesthetic enlivened by a sophisticated finish, impeccable thanks to its special anti-fingerprint stainless steel, combined with innovative cooling functions, waste reduction, and high energy efficiency to satisfy the most demanding consumer updated on lifestyle trends and attentive to modernity and hi-tech intelligence. 

BlackSteel assures access to fresh food at all times, as good fitness and proper nutrition are two key points of the balanced lifestyle that so many are seeking.

Siemens Special Features

The HyperFresh drawers are differentiated according to the food to be stored – fruit, vegetables, meat, fish – to offer distinct advantages thanks to a special humidity control system that guarantees optimal storage conditions. In this way, products stay fresh for longer, retaining their organoleptic properties, the integrity of their flavor, and all their nutrients.

In addition, the FreshSense function monitors the internal and external temperature and, as soon as it detects a variation – detrimental to the freshness of the food – it immediately activates to restore the optimal temperature.

Finally, elegance and multi-functionality are combined with practicality in the installation of the appliance: thanks to the condensers positioned in the sidewalls and not on the rear wall, the modal can be installed without the need to leave space between it and the cabinet or wall.

Kitchen Black Steel

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