The Delicacy of Ichendorf Glass Accessories

Ichendorf glass accessories are the result of a combination of tradition and innovation, always in search of beauty in its purest form. With the latest collections, objects of delicacy, elegance and brilliance enter the home where they find their rightful place.

Cylinder Extra Light Colour

Developed in handmade borosilicate glass, lamp-worked and paste-coloured, the collection is the evolution of Marco Sironi’s minimalist Cilindro Extra Light design. The palette of colours has been chosen to enhance the shapes and multifaceted personality of the glasses, or rather, the decorative elements. The harmony of the colours, as well as enriching the table, allows for creative placements and offers multiple opportunities for alternative uses, completing the decor in an innovative way.

Gift Collection

Ichendorf’s the Gift collection of accessories in borosilicate glass designed by Brian Sironi, handmade and modelled by lamplight, is composed of small objects that are indispensable for everyday life in the contemporary kitchen: a dosa spaghetti, a salt and pepper set, an egg holder in two sizes and a 3-minute timer. Simple products with a simple design that enhance the gestures of preparing and eating meals

High Rise Sakè

Sharing sake with friends is a typical Japanese tradition, practiced around the world: a welcoming atmosphere, an important moment of shared together. The High Rise Sakè collection designed by Keiji Takeuchi, launched a few years ago, has as its main feature a tell-tale joint between the top and bottom of the jug. A visually interesting particular that is, at the same time, extremely useful for enhancing the grip.

High Rise Sakè inherits this identity, intrinsic in the DNA of the line in handmade borosilicate glass and modelled in lampwork. The collection consists of a jug, in two colours and with two different capacities: 180 ml, the quantity of Sakè generally considered suitable for one person, and 260 ml. In addition there is a cup, available in two colours that fits perfectly on top of the jug.


The Lotus collection, designed by Lina Obregon, is inspired by the flower, merging its expressive features with functionality; the coloured flower becomes a real funnel that makes filling easier and, after use, collects any drops, allowing them to flow inside. The oil cruet is available in two sizes and various colours to differentiate oils with special flavours. The soft shape of the cruet and the reflections of the glass ribbing enhance the contents.


The subject, the protagonist of the Birds collection, has traditions going back thousands of years. Since ancient times, the bird has been a symbol of prosperity, freedom and good fortune in various cultures. Inspired by this symbolism, Tomoko Mizu creates a minimalist and essential collection, declining the image of a single bird in different colours, to leave room for the poems and imagination of everyone. This line by Ichendorf in borosilicate glass, handmade and modelled by lamplight, is composed of a vase, two candlesticks, two egg cups, three boxes, drinking and water glasses and mugs.

Fantasia Collections Alessandra Baldereschi

Greenwood Perfumers

The Greenwood collection, designed by Alessandra Baldereschi, draws inspiration from long walks in the woods during the different seasons, translating into colours the precious gifts that nature offers us. The line, born in 2014 and known for its borosilicate products ranging from tumblers, jugs, tea and coffee components, borosilicate mugs and porcelain plates and mugs, is now enriched with eight perfumers in two different sizes, both available in four versions.

The first contains a single three-dimensional coloured subject in the centre of the base. The subjects are a leaf, dew, a berry and a flower. The second version contains two three-dimensional subjects, one at the centre of the base and the other at mid-height, free and flying. In this last version the subjects chosen by the designer are: butterfly and leaf; bee and dew; butterfly and flower; bird and berries.

Animal Farm

The collection populated by the animals of Baldereschi’s imagination continues to grow for Ichendorf thanks to the introduction of spoons. The protagonists of these novelties are the bear and the rabbit, the squirrel and the owl, the snail and the frog. The collection’s imaginative and extravagant touch is amplified by the pink rabbit: a symbol of play, happiness and childhood.

Desert Plants

The Desert Plants collection, famous for its small sculptures of succulent plants in glass, enriched with details and colours of the imagination, is extended with the novelty of the water goblets, thus enhancing the collection already supplied with bottles, glasses, goblets and jugs. The water goblets, available in three colours, are characterised by a rounded shape, and the cup of the glass, supported by the plant, appears as if suspended. Colourful and inspired by nature, the base is the main element, on which a small flower is placed, declined in pink, yellow and green.

Garden Picnic

Already composed of a pink and green 1.8 litre flask and tumbler available in 6 six versions, the Ichendorf’s Garden Picnic line is now extended by the 1 litre version of the flask.


In a world where nature is emblematic of flora and fauna that are true explosions of energy, small, delicate decorative elements fill the coffee break. The Fruits&Flower collection, known for its coffee cup and plate in six versions, expands with spoons, teacups and mugs featuring the butterfly, ladybird, leaf, blackberry, squirrel and other subjects to be discovered.

Bloom Alphabet

Using the softest shades of green, the antonomasia of Nature, Alessandra Baldareschi for Ichendorf recomposes, phoneme by phoneme, the mother tongue, the most authentic and ancestral language, in Bloom Alphabet. The collection, already known for its tumblers, has been expanded with twenty-six mugs, one for each of the letters that make up the alphabet. Their shape, simple and stylised, rises from the cylindrical centre to meet small decorative elements at its end.

The Delicacy of Ichendorf Glass Accessories

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