The Well-Designed Kitchen Right at Home

Perfectly ordered baskets and drawers represent a detail that is anything but frivolous when organizing a kitchen space. The exquisitely contemporary need for kitchens to exude pure, essential lines, which are also in continuity with the living room, as well being capable of conveying and refining shapes, presumes a perfect rationalization of interiors and compartments.

However, elegant lines, contemporary design and precious materials are certainly not enough to define the ideal kitchen from a practical and functional point of view, and the preciousness of the kitchen details become essential. Read on to discover a few of the most interesting solutions to kitchen organization proposed by top design companies.

Arrital Ak_board

Ak_board is one of the functional solutions of AKB_08, by Arrital, which stands for Arrital Kitchen Berton, a kitchen system designed by architect Franco Driusso and star chef Andrea Berton with the aim of bringing the functionality of a professional kitchen into the home.

Features of the AKB_08 include: the “Twice” multi-functional worktop in stainless steel; the “Focus On” lighting design system, which offers dynamic lighting movement in the work area thanks to a sliding track; the AKB_Case compartment, a two-level storage element; and, above all, the intelligent AK_board pull-out cutting board system.

The latter has the special feature of being able to be pulled out and then stored in a drawer in a special compartment. Available in wood or Teflon, Ak_board rests on a removable steel tray that can be used for serving and is easy to clean. It also serves as an additional work surface and offers storage space for a knife and spatula.

Ernestomeda Surf drawers

Ernestomeda focuses on the details concealed in the kitchen with interior accessories designed to guarantee order, capacity, and functionality. The Surf equipment for drawers with Legrabox sides, fitted with removable dividers of different sizes, can in fact be adapted to a wide range of needs, making the interior space highly modular and customizable for organizing cutlery, glass jars, coffee capsules and spice racks. Characterized by a Peltrox anodized aluminum structure, chosen to match the Titanium Metal Effect lacquer color and the anthracite tone of the Legrabox, the Surf equipment is made up of wooden elements available in different finishes: dark, light, intermediate, and total white.

D12 Doimo Kitchens

D12 by Doimo Cucineso named to indicate the 12mm thickness of the door, which is able to enhance the formal, cleanness of the composition. The island conceals within a series of functional solutions, such as practical baskets and drawers of 180 cm, with extraordinary capacity. It is also equipped with cutlery and utensils, including a set with corkscrew and wine accessories. The D12 is accessorized with a Moka-stained oak finish bottom and various other accessories of the Fit line system.

The drawers, located in the kitchen bases, can be customized to be either visible or hidden inside the base unit with baskets structured to support considerable loads. The many types of containers also include under-sink baskets equipped with separate bins for separate waste collection. The Fit line offers a wide range of interior fittings, in both wood and plastic, which can be configured as desired. The side panels are available in white, anthracite, and black finishes that are combinable with smoked glass – or colored,  lacquered or wood inserts, thus echoing the materials of the kitchen fronts. The equipped base units can be completed with internal LED lighting.

The Well-Designed Kitchen Right at Home

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