An oasis of luxury and style in Capri

A masterpiece of beauty, poised above the sea, where heaven and earth seem to touch, Villa Castiglione, recently redesigned with Giorgetti, is set on a cliff above Marina Piccola on the island of Capri. It rises on the ruins of one of Emperor Tiberius’ villas and a subsequent medieval castle. The location is a stunning oasis of luxury rising above the Faraglioni, the village, and the island’s southern coast, with the Bay of Naples on the horizon, providing the backdrop for an unforgettable experience.

The Iconic Villa Castiglione & the Refinement of Giorgetti

Now the renowned hotel, has redecorated parts of the villa in collaboration with one of the country’s top luxury design firms. Giorgetti‘s signature Made in Italy is staged here against one of the most enchanting views of the Mediterranean. The project in collaboration with Manfredi Fine Hotels Collection was launched for the refitting of several rooms of Villa Castiglione.

The Manfredi Fine Hotels Collection, which is entrusted with the management of the villa, includes exclusive hotels and restaurants that stand out precisely for their location and the highest quality of services available to a clientele in search of beauty and Italian style.

The workmanship of the woods, marbles and textiles give the spaces a precious three-dimensionality, also enhanced by the combination of furnishing elements with a strong personality.

The veranda, with its large windows overlooking the sea, presents a conversation area, available to guests, composed of the iconic Hug armchairs designed by Rossella Pugliatti, with their soft lines accompanied by the simplicity of the Corallo bronze liquid metal coffee table distinguished by a handmade embossed surface that makes each piece unique. On the other side of the veranda, the 90° Minuto table football, in crystal and leather completes the space.

Protagonist of the large central living room is the modular sofa Skyline designed by Carlo Colombo, a domestic architecture that characterizes the space, composed of various elements and decorative cushions, together with the Galet coffee tables by Ludovica+Roberto Palomba, unique in their imperfect regularity.

The Janet armchairs designed by Umberto Asnago, with generous and enveloping shapes, are paired with the Blend coffee tables and the Skyline walnut storage cabinet by Carlo Colombo, which is contemporary but rich in quotations from the past.

The master bedrooms choose the essential lines of the Altea bed, by Carlo Colombo, distinguished by its unique functionality and flexibility, flanked by the Corallo coffee table and Athene and Ling nightstands, in which wood and metal are expertly mixed.

The Master Room at Villa Castiglione welcomes the Rea bed designed by Chi Wing Lo, with its winged shape, along with the soft Adam bench, with a graphic and substantial style, ready to respond to multiple exigencies. Completing the space are the bedside table and small table Romeo designed by Roberto Lazzeroni, versatile furnishing complements.

Finishing and enriching the rooms are Giorgetti textiles and rugs, including Mirò, Stitch and Shighera. A project defined by a warm and welcoming atmosphere, highlighted by the textures of the fine materials and a skillful mix of contemporary elements with others inspired by tradition, creating a great aesthetic impact.


An oasis of luxury and style in Capri

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