Tea Time: the tea ceremony according to Villari

The elegance of Villari accompanies the seasons – With the arrival of the first cold days, the tea ceremony represents a true indulgence when warming up on the sofa in front of a good book or under the covers while watching a movie becomes a moment of blissful relaxation – a pause from the busyness of the day dedicated to the value of slow living for mind, body, and soul.

Tea time is also a moment synonymous with sharing – when friends and colleagues pause together following the beautiful gestures of enjoying a good tea, a few scrumptious bites, and some convivial conversation. Tea time also represents the perfect occasion for welcoming guests home by offering them an indulgent moment.

Villari is an emblem of the Made in Italy tradition, which for more than 50 years has been creating exquisite products made of the finest porcelain in which art, design, and craftsmanship come together. The brand offers a wide range of accessories with all the essentials for the tea ritual: cup and saucer, teapot, sugar bowl, milk jug, and, for the sweet tooth, even cookie plates.

Collections that encapsulate tradition and uniqueness, able to tell the story of the brand’s exquisite artistry and perfect for a timeless gift idea that knows no age.

Villari Peacock Tea Set

A tea set marked by elegance and sophistication; Peacock reinterprets the forms of the 1920s deco style with an eclectic twist. The result is a sought-after, handcrafted relief motif resembling the feathers of a peacock that characterizes the entire product family, lending preciousness to your afternoon tea. A collection made of the finest porcelain subsequently hand-painted in caramel, 24-karat gold and pink.

Villari Taormina Tea Set

The Taormina set features a refined floral embossed decoration, perfect for adding a glamorous touch to any table. In fact, this collection is inspired by the lush vegetation of the botanical gardens of Taormina, a city on Sicily’s east coast: tall cypress trees, whimsical cacti and beautiful flowers dot this exotic Mediterranean garden. Featuring hand-painted 24-karat gold details that lend a unique touch of sophistication, this collection is the perfect set for a sophisticated tea break with your guests.

Villari Dressage Tea Set

Made of fine hand-painted porcelain, the Dressage collection draws inspiration from the equestrian world. Decorated with a stirrup motif embossed in 24-karat gold, it features special porcelain workmanship that recalls the effect of leather. A sophisticated and chic collection, capable of impressing with its meticulous details.


Tea Time: the tea ceremony according to Villari

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