Weekends of Taste at Villa Terzaghi

For the four summer weekends from June 23rd to July 27th, the educational restaurant nestled in the greenery of Ticino Park in Robecco sul Naviglio will become a meeting point of taste, knowledge and fun.

The didactic restaurant of Villa Terzaghi, in Robecco sul Naviglio, dresses up for summer and prepares for the “Weekend of Taste”: four events designed to enhance the new generation of Italian restaurants, promote the food supply chain based on small producers and sustainability, and bring young people closer to quality catering.

The former 18th-century hunting lodge nestled in the lush greenery of the park, now home to the Maestro Martino Association chaired by chef Carlo Cracco with an educational restaurant open to the public, will be the star of Weekend del Gusto, a series of dining initiatives related to gastronomic culture that will take place on weekends, from Thursdays to Sundays.

It will be a great opportunity for Villa Terzaghi’s dining room and kitchen brigades, who will have the opportunity during the “Summer School” to put into practice and showcase all the knowledge they have learned and the experiences they have had during the academic year that has now ended. Alongside Resident Chef Federico Urbani, the protagonists of Italian cuisine will take turns on topical gastronomic themes: from barbecuing to foraging and flowers, from km0 brunches to signature cocktails.

In addition to the restaurant’s offer characterized by the new flavors of the summer menu, available on Friday and Saturday evenings, and on Sundays for lunch, there are also extraordinary events and gastronomic lines designed ad hoc to experience moments of joy and cheerfulness, under the banner of intense and authentic flavors in the wonderful setting of the villa.

The Weekend del Gusto events will create a unique experience, where innovative food realities will be the protagonists of the food and wine scene that will be narrated, not only through the dishes on the new menu, but also with show cooking and cultural events.

Things will kick off on Thursday evenings with an innovative take on the cornerstone of Italian cuisine par excellence: pizza, which at Villa Terzaghi becomes d’autore. Every week Master pizza maker Pasquale Moro, world champion of pizza in pala in 2016, will have the opportunity to unleash creativity by offering tastings of gourmet pizzas prepared with seasonal and local products. Color will take center stage thanks to special doughs made with natural ingredients that recreate striking color effects.

Next, with Friday dinner, restaurant guests can choose from the sought-after dishes of the new summer menu, enriched by a new proposal designed specifically for barbecuing by chef Fabio Zanetello, a great lover of Italian cuisine, with a cosmopolitan approach that never loses sight of the culture of the territory.

Precious Italian and international meats selected for the occasion by Wilfred -the online butcher shop specializing in meats from the world’s best farms- and very fresh trout from the Ticino park of Fattoria del Pesce, will be prepared by experts in combination with fine spices, artisanal sauces and seasonal side dishes. Also enriching the grilling-related program will be star chef Errico Recanati, Cook & Chef Ambassador, at the Villa on the 15th and 16th of July.

Internationally inspired, but revisited by Chef Federico Urbani in a territorial key, the Km0 brunch will be the star of Saturday’s lunch with a selection of quality products from the farmsteads of the Ticino Park, Lombard cheeses and cured meats, paired with artisanal fruit juices, sweet and savory cakes. The veggy brunch theme will feature foods prepared by Chef Emanuela Tommolini, Cook & Chef Ambassador, on the 8th and 9th of July. On Saturdays at dinner, Villa Terzaghi guests will be able to enjoy menu items designed specifically for the summer season.

The summer menu of the restaurant line will also be the focus of Sunday lunch. It will continue in the afternoon with cultural entertainment in the form of show cooking and master classes open to the public, and taught by professionals.

In particular, the four Sunday afternoons of Weekend del Gusto will host many lectures dedicated to signature BBQ by Wilfred’s chef, who will present different types of meats, related cuts and barbecuing: Argentine asado, with typical Argentine BBQ cuts including vacio, and diaphragm; American BBQ, with cuts such as brisket and beef ribs; and “cuts to discover,” which are cuts that are perhaps lesser known but versatile and very good. Each class will be enhanced by show cooking and related tasting.

Finally, on Sunday evening Villa Terzaghi will offer an innovative and gourmet version of the indispensable Milanese ritual, the Apericena. The restaurant’s proposal will range from classic chopping boards to the most modern and sophisticated finger foods to be paired with signature cocktails.


Weekends of Taste at Villa Terzaghi

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