Dreaming of a White Christmas

Refined and elegant, knIndustrie’s tableware, serving and kitchen collections are the brand’s proposals dedicated to the upcoming holiday season, designed for moments of sharing, a perfect and original gift for oneself and others.

White, interpreted with tone-on-tone or total white decorations, creates a perfect harmony with the Christmas spirit and gives the table an absolute candor.

Lady Anne in total white KnIndustrie

The iconic Lady Anne coffee maker from knIndustrie, designed by Lara Caffi, is dressed in white. Made of aluminum, with a stone washed finish in the classic version, it is now offered in an elegant total white to bring a particular refinement to the table this season.

The shape, inspired by the silver coffee services of the 1700s, remains unchanged: the simple line of the truncated conical body contrasts with the sinuosity of the ergonomic and heat-insulating handle, made of multi-curved Bakelite, the ornamental element that characterizes the design. On the lid the decorative knob, also made of bakelite, allows it to be easily opened. The circular base is double-bottomed. Lady Anne “in white” is also available in a four cup format and includes the reducer filter.

SchoenhuberFranchi White Decorations

A classic color to live and wear in all seasons, white is interpreted by SchoenhuberFranchi as a nuance to be proposed ton sur ton, for an effect of extreme delicacy and timeless beauty. Fragments of lace, graphic effects and different shades of white embellish the plate worked with great care and treated like a fabric. The delicate and light decorations of the “Decori Bianchi” collection have the characteristic of never being intrusive, dialoguing in harmony with the dish being served without ever overpowering.

The glossy finishes ranging from gold to burnished to copper are suggestive and striking elements that accent the mise en place and infuse lots of luster.

Garçon KnIndustrie

Bent steel takes on a dual function in Rodolfo Dordoni’s Garçon tableware collection that is at once decorative and containing. The edge is presented as a semi-cylinder with an essential design, made even cleaner in its form by the completely smooth appearance of the steel. A leitmotif of the collection, the rim is the hallmark of the three proposed serving trays, available in rectangular, square and pentagonal versions. The polished or satin-finished exterior contrasts with the matte painted interior in different colors.

SchoenhuberFranchi Materials Tableware

The refined proposals of Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez take center stage in SchoenhuberFranchi’s new Materials collection. The high quality of the chosen material, Fine Bone China porcelain, with its strength and lightness that is simultaneously sophisticated. The collection is embodied in refined serving dishes, alongside the proposals dedicated to breakfast or a coffee or tea break, with the coffee pots, milk jugs and teapots in PDV, in gold, black, copper and silver versions. The elements are designed for different times of the day and different uses, according to service requirements. From breakfast to a business lunch, from a quick meal to a gourmet café, from a “lounge” and elegant dinner, all the way to the banqueting world.

Glass, with its transparency, is interpreted by knIndustrIe in two designs that complement the tableware and can be used with different functions, capable of adapting by their neutrality to any home decor proposal dedicated to the holidays.

Shapeless KnIndustrie

Shapeless is the new borosilicate glass bread holder, made from a flattened and bent cylinder, which because of its particular production, makes it possible to produce each bread basket as unique in its own right. knIndustrie aims to bring back to the table, with its singular design and style, an accessory that is often not given importance, thereby enhancing the importance of the bread as well – a food that is as simple as it is important.

The Kettle KnIndustrie

Inspired by the iconic Glas Pot, The Kettle is transparent in borosilicate glass with a steel handle. Designed by Lara Caffi, it represents a miniature of the most famous pot, an object with an unmistakable style that can also be used as a milk jug for table service.


Dreaming of a White Christmas

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