Aesthetic Refinement and Perfect Conservation in Contemporary Wine Cellars

Integrated columns, built-in or under-top wine cellars, display and tasting areas included in the cabinetry, and entire rooms designed for the preservation of food and wine. The new kitchens offer highly technological solutions, with impeccable, captivating aesthetics, linked to changing habits and the desire to live the kitchen environment in a fully functional way that is open to social interaction.

Integrated or free-standing solutions in which sophisticated software allows the control of multiple functions and the regulation of temperature and humidity according to the wine to be stored, with an increasingly intuitive user interface.

Modern wine cellars combine a strong aesthetic refinement with the perfect preservation of wines. They guarantee constant temperatures, protection from light and UV rays, and isolation from noise and vibrations: all fundamental elements in order to keep unaltered over time the organoleptic properties of wine.

There are many solutions proposed in order to satisfy the pleasure of keeping or displaying the most popular and loved beverage in the world.


In the architectural design of an environment, operability and livability must be harmoniously linked to the functionality and uniqueness of the history of the house.

The Wynery collection, designed by Antonio Citterio, consists of Vina, Vina Epicure, Vina & Container, and Madia, a modular system with differentiated functionality. Its double-door configuration, in Stopsol double-glazed glass, comes in two sizes of 180 and 240 cm, with a motorized coplanar closing system. It is equipped with a volumetric sensor and indirect lighting, of warm white, LED light, integrated on the sides. The Vina refrigerated wine cellar, with two refrigerating units with differentiated zones, can hold from 96 to 132 75cl bottles, while the shelf, located in the lower part of the compartment, can hold larger wines. Available in two versions: dual temperature (from 12°C to 18°C and from 4°C to 12°C) and single temperature (from 12°C to 18°C).

The Beverage Center cabinet, made in all of the Collection’s wood finishes, features a glass holder and drawer unit. It is completed by the Humidor, a piece of furniture designed for the storage of cigars.



Refined and exclusive “The Room of Dreams”, La Teca’s Wine Cellar, combines expert craftsmanship with fine materials and finishes, expressing the desire to move away from the concept of seriality typical of industrial production.

The wine cellar with its 64 square meters houses up to 1180 bottles of wine and 290 spirits with areas dedicated to the preservation of cheese, cold cuts, spirits, and humidification of tobacco. It is structured in seven zones with differentiated temperatures to allow optimal storage of different products, thanks to a sophisticated system of cooling, humidification, and air recycling. Its internal equipment includes an ice dispenser and custom-made refrigerators for wines, meat, and cheese, the latter made of marble.

The intelligent heart of the Wine Cellar is the home automation system managed by a sophisticated program, which can be accessed via mobile or tablet, from which you have full control of all the functions inside the cellar. A real sommelier at the service, able to inform about the location and the most suitable type of wine for every occasion of conviviality.

In the center of the cellar, there is a Cigar Room provided with an air aspiration and sanitation system, circumscribed by large windows that isolate it from the cellar itself. Inside there is a humidor for 1,000 cigars with temperature and humidity control.

The Teca


Dynamic solutions, unusual details, and maximum customization allow the improvement of comfort and functionality of use of the kitchen environment, creating configurations that are always different and efficient.

Gaudio wine cellars have three custom refrigeration systems with controlled temperature and humidity, separately adjustable through remote management or app combined with highly advanced software and an extremely intuitive user interface, which allows easy use. Wine cellars feature a practical label identification system with which to identify the desired wines inside the cellar. Through the app the label is selected, while at the same time in the cellar, the position corresponding to the requested bottle is illuminated, making recognition simple and immediate.

It is possible to activate the system of free cooling and free heating, connecting the cellar through two channels with the external air, in order to obtain an energy-saving during the weather conditions compatible with the internal climatic characteristics.

Sahara Noir marble wraps the bases of the bar and cigar cabinets with a monolithic design, interrupted by the lightness of the transparent case that emerges thanks to a lift system with remote electronic management. The bar cabinet is equipped with a refrigeration system, while the cigar humidor is equipped with a temperature and humidity control device.



A custom tailoring, in which even the cellar area or compartment, either a column or under the top, can be personalized and integrated with the entire TM Italia collection. The columns that contain the cellar compartment are equipped with retractable doors or vertical extraction doors with motorized mechanisms.

The solar-controlled glass doors in STOPSOL allow limiting the energy transmission of solar radiation, thus avoiding internal overheating and reducing the discoloration of objects. A manual or automatic closing system guarantees the hermeticity of the cellar, an element that is not secondary to the maintenance of the temperature and the internal humidity, thus preserving the organoleptic integrity of the wine. In this perspective, an indirect internal LED lighting does not alter the temperature of the small home wine cellar and allows a better display of wine labels.

Wine cellars are designed with two or more independently adjustable air-conditioned areas.

For easier use of the space, in the non-refrigerated area of the cellar, it is possible to set up a tasting area by adding practical racks for hanging glasses, removable shelves, as well as drawers accessorized with sommelier tools.

Tm Italy


The wine cellar from the Canaletto collection is an environment within an environment, a true and proper thermally sealed room, whose crystal walls enhance the elegant configuration that faithfully reproduces the conditions of an ideal environment suitable for the preservation of vegetables, fruit, cold cuts and wines. The refrigeration system, positioned in a hidden position in the upper part, allows the correct temperature control and the formation of an ideal humidity rate, varying from 65% to 70%. Customizable in size, finishes, and interior layout.

The compositional and aesthetic versatility of L’Ottocento is also expressed in the model Monterey, structured to perform the function of a pantry or cellar, whose finishes are black lacquered aluminum or black ash wood essence with open graining.


Aesthetic Refinement and Perfect Conservation in Contemporary Wine Cellars

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