Variations on the Winter Table Setting from KnIndustrie

The holiday table setting proposed by KnIndustrie is transformed into an intriguing microcosm, where the versatility of objects and utensils allows the creation of new usages and the functional element of the kitchen comes to the table with elegance putting the guest first.

As in music, for this tablescape proposal, the concept of “variation” represents a re-presentation of an idea in which it itself undergoes changes from its original form. Thus the mise en place, from KnIndustrie’s point of view, is composed with the usual elements of the table setting but used and interpreted in a different way, for a gourmet table.

Everything that appears as part of the tablescape can be interpreted with new meaning and can change its nature, alter the function for which it was created to make the most of dishes, materials, shapes, and objects and how they interact with each other. Like a set of different notes that played together, directed by the hand of a skilled conductor, give harmony and provide an unforgettable atmosphere, as they make the table shine with great originality.

Elements of the KnIndustrie Holiday Table Setting

The cedar board from the Beyond Basic collection is used as an entrée plate to serve one of the classic holiday hors d’oeuvres: salmon. The cedar wood helps to enhance and maintain all the aromas of the dish.

Ceramic tiles from the “Tools for Food” collection sit on the table as small sculptures for one’s portion of bread next to the place setting or to accommodate a soft cloud of whipped and flavored butter to spread on salmon or bread.

With Shapeless, the bread rack becomes transparent, giving value to bread, a food that is as simple as it is important. The glass enhances its shape and its golden or burnished color.

The Glass Pot appears as part of the table setting as a soup tureen in a contemporary guise. It comes out of the kitchen, laden with a warm broth with tortellini, to rest directly on the table and always available to the guest.

The D’O Grès bowl, designed by Davide Oldani, welcomes a succulent hot broth. The shape retains heat longer and enhances the aroma.

Then there can be no shortage of cutlery from the Brick Lane Gold collection on holiday tables, adding light and warmth to the mise en place.

Thin, light and elegant, the Lime Lux glasses find their place as candle holders that, thanks to their golden and burnished colors, give the tablescape a magical atmosphere.

From a cheese bowl to a small chest to hold dried and dried fruit: thus the Yellow Box can be placed on the table with multiple functions.

With its elegance, the Intaglio tray lends itself as a serving platter to hold one of the most typical winter sweets, nougat, while also facilitating cutting and serving. Also perfect as a trivet for the yellow Saucepan, used to serve freshly made hot cream.

Conviviality and sharing, even at the table. Thus panettone, king of the holidays, is placed in the center on the plate of the Girevoli collection in statuary white marble, accompanied by fruit and nuts.

The classic plate for enjoying the slice of panettone with cream next to it gives way to the Kn Tile service, the square ceramic tile that can also fit perfectly into the ash tray and thus compose a place setting.


Variations on the Winter Table Setting from KnIndustrie

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