20 Panettone Not to Miss for Christmas 2023

Traditional or enriched with delicious ingredients, the panettone continues to be the undisputed symbol of Christmas: here are 20 proposals not to be missed, selected among the Made in Italy artisanal panettoni.

Armani/Dolci Panettone

Again this year, for Christmas, Armani/Dolci by Guido Gobino offers authentic flavors, the refinement of artisanal processes, the preciousness of raw materials in the elegance of the Armani style.

In the collection, in addition to the soft pandoro, there is the panettone, in the one-kilo format and available in four different variants: classic (also in the 100 gr. mini format), peach and gianduiotto, with chocolate covering and decoration by Guido Gobino, and, in limited edition, with three chocolates (dark 55%, gianduja, and white).

To add a touch of particular elegance, the sophisticated packaging reproduces on large and small sides a vertical canneté motif in gold, recurring in the Armani world of Interior Design and interrupted by the prominent central ‘GA’ logo. The same motif is reproduced on the paper boxes closed by the ribbon in recycled grosgrain with intense green vertical canneté and the logo printed in gold leaf, in a play of sumptuous contrasts.


50th Anniversary Limited Edition Panettone by Iginio Massari

In limited edition, the Panettone conceived to pay homage to 50 years of research and innovation by Maestro Iginio Massari.

The Maestro’s traditional dough is enriched with notes of caramel and embellished with caramel chocolate chips and candied mandarin cubes. A tasty glaze made with almonds and egg white covers its top.

A combination of tastes and textures perfectly balanced for an extraordinary panettone, perfect for celebrating 50 years of passion in pastry.

Iginio Massari

Traditional Panettone with Three doughs by Vincenzo Tiri

Among Italy’s most awarded panettoni, Vincenzo Tiri’s Traditional Panettone is an authentic must-have for Christmas. Tiri was indeed one of the first leaveners to challenge the tradition of Panettone, whose historical recipe includes only two dough phases, and to reinvent it, making it softer, more fragrant, and digestible. This was possible thanks to the original method with 3 dough phases, 72 hours of processing, and the selection of the finest ingredients. The result is a soft and fragrant Traditional Panettone, embellished with Australian raisins and Lucanian Staccia orange.

Tiri 1957

Golden Panettone by Martesana Moschino

The Traditional Panettone from Martesana presents itself in a novel all-gold attire created by the skillful hands of Master Vincenzo Santoro, inspired and guided by the unmistakable creativity of the Moschino fashion house.

A Gold chocolate glaze, Piedmont IGP hazelnuts, and hazelnut grains envelop the iconic leavened dough of the Neighborhood’s High Pastry to give life to an unprecedented sweet creation, preserved inside a precious collector’s hatbox. A seductive encounter between two Milanese excellences for a Limited Edition inspired by Italian creativity and craftsmanship.

Martesana Milano

Carlo Cracco Limited Edition Cracco & Zacapa Panettone

The collaboration between chef Carlo Cracco and Zacapa rum continues, presenting a limited edition that narrates the encounter between a magical land and Italian haute cuisine. A perfect gift box to share and put under the tree, containing in an elegant pack a bottle of Zacapa Centenario 23 and a special cherry panettone with dark chocolate glaze and almonds.

Carlo Cracco

Apple and Cinnamon Panettone by Fiasconaro Dolce&Gabbana

From the creative collaboration between Dolce&Gabbana and the pastry artistry of Fiasconaro, a unique recipe was born: the typically Milanese panettone reimagined with the flavors of Sicily. The common ingredients of this extraordinary union between North and South are respect for tradition and the courage to experiment, the pursuit of perfection, and the discovery of beauty. But above all, it was the love for the entirely “Made in Italy” artisanal product that brought together the excellence of fashion and pastry.

This year’s novelty is the Apple and Cinnamon Panettone, whose “spiced” combination is one of the most classic aspects of the Christmas season.


Mandarin and Gianduia Panettone by Follador

An elegant leavened dessert, enriched with the refined taste of Piedmontese gianduia and the aromatic sweetness of candied Ciaculli mandarin, creating a fascinating and persistent blend of aromas and flavors. With a cocoa crust, hazelnuts, and granulated sugar, it is crafted according to tradition, using sourdough starter.


Dream of Amalfi by Sal De Riso

As soft as a cloud, Maestro Sal De Riso’s 2023 novelty is the “Dream of Amalfi,” filled with candied peels of Amalfi Coast I.G.P. oranges and lemons, limoncello cream, and packaged in a precious and refined hatbox with typical Vietri ceramic tiles and a shopper with personalized graphics.

De Riso

Limoncello Panettone by Olivieri 1882

For the upcoming Christmas season, the historic company from Arzignano, born in 1882 as a bakery and over the years becoming a excellence in the Italian bakery panorama, offers a range of 21 panettone and 3 pandori, crafted with care and dedication following tradition but with an innovative twist.

To enrich the “liquor line,” alongside the beloved Nardini Grappa Panettone and Rhum and Dark Chocolate Panettone, comes the new Limoncello Panettone. A leavened product with an extraordinarily soft structure and a refreshing taste. The dough is enriched with an infusion of limoncello obtained from Sorrento IGP lemons, also present in candied form instead of raisins. A sweet that combines the softness of the dough with the freshness of the quintessential citrus.

Olivieri 1882

Freshly Filled Panettone by Di Stefano

The company from Raffadali, known for eliminating the superfluous in the recipe, handcrafting techniques, and the use of high-quality raw materials, proposes two novelties: the Limited Edition Freshly Filled Panettoneand the Fillable Panettone with a included piping bag. The first aims to enhance the freshness of the ingredients and the dough, reimagining the scents and flavors of the last pre-Christmas baking, available for pre-order only in the flavors of Sicilian Chocolate and Sicilian Pistachio.

The same flavors are also available for the Fillable Panettone with a piping bag, designed to enhance the convivial, playful, and delightful aspect associated with Christmas gatherings. You can play the role of a pastry chef at home, creating irresistible fillings according to your tastes.

Di Stefano

Federico Prodon’s Gelato Panettone

Federico Prodon celebrates his first Christmas as a pastry and gelato chef with the creation of his first Gelato Panettone, an explosion of sweetness, chocolate, and hazelnuts. The Panettone is filled with 99% Michel Cluizel chocolate gelato with Dom Papa rum and a hazelnut gelato prepared by Federico Prodon using his special blend of Avellino-Viterbo-Piedmont hazelnuts.

Federico Prodon

Grace by Bakery Chef Fabio Tuccillo

This year’s exclusive creation by Bakery Chef Fabio Tuccillo is Grace, an all-chocolate panettone with strong symbolic significance, representing rebirth and a fresh start for Chef Tuccillo, thanks to the power of love.

A delight composed of three different doughs—dark chocolate, gianduia, and hazelnut—filled with two delicate creams, hazelnut, and milk chocolate. To complete the ensemble, a Caramélia chocolate mirror glaze with crunchy pearls and tempting notes of salted caramel. An authentic joy for both the eyes and the palate.

Tuccillo Bakery

PanPelmo by Pastry Chef Fabio Tisti

The great novelty for Christmas 2023 from Fabio Tisti is PanPelmo, designed to bring citrusy and spicy notes to the classic sweet of Italian tradition. Pieces of candied grapefruit, ground Timut pepper from Nepal, and grated citrus peels are immersed in the dough. The glaze, with Puglia almonds and sugar, offers a delicate smoky note in the finish.

Tisti Pasticceria

MassaBon by Chef Daniel Canzian

Surprising softness, delicate taste, and a fruity aroma waiting to be discovered: that’s MassaBon, the new apricot-roasted panettone signed by Chef Daniel Canzian.

The dessert, produced by Albertengo – a well-known company in Italy and abroad for the production of large leavened products – well represents Daniel Canzian’s philosophy, combining tradition, simplicity, and sophistication, defining a contemporary proposal in continuous evolution. What makes the fruity taste of MassaBon even more unique are the cubes of roasted apricots enclosed in the panettone’s cavities, giving it a fragrant and pleasant aroma.

Daniel Canzian

Pugliettone by Dolceria Sapone

From the desire to enhance the territory in which he operates, Eustachio Sapone has given life to Pugliettone.“We give birth to many ingredients that, put into a panettone, can create a unique product. Just think of the orange from the Gulf of Taranto, of which we use candied peel: an inimitable taste,” says Sapone.

Pugliettone is a panettone sold inside a white terracotta lantern, made by the master ceramist Marcello Fasano from Grottaglie, available in only 400 pieces. This year, in collaboration with Fasano, Pugliettone Puglia Madre is born, a limited edition of the Puglia-made panettone sold in a new version of the magical ceramic lantern (only 100 pieces available), a tribute to the land and light of the region.

The recipe includes: figs from Salento, lemons from Gargano, aromatic essences from the Murgia of Bari, orange peels from Taranto, and the typical almond glaze from Toritto. Baked in a patented clay container, Pugliettone is the union of all that is beautiful in Puglia, from the craftsmanship of ceramics to that of sweets.

Dolceria Sapone

Chocolate Panettone from Pasticceria Cavalletti

A panettone from the Roman pastry shop Cavalletti, made just like 50 years ago, always with the same natural yeast made with fruit (banana, pear, and apple) and carefully curated with extreme attention. It undergoes 36 hours of leavening (38 for the chocolate dough) and uses top-quality ingredients, from butter to egg yolks.

Among the leavened products stands out the chocolate panettone, a recent addition: an upgrade in terms of taste and ingredients that has transitioned from simple chocolate drops to a real 55% Cameroonian chocolate dough, covered with a cocoa almond glaze.

This product requires up to 2 extra hours of leavening compared to other flavors by Cavalletti. The doughs are set in motion starting at 6 in the morning, each leavening for three hours, spaced apart, so they can rest all night before being kneaded again and undergoing a new leavening.

Pasticceria Cavalletti

Matcha Tea Panettone from Hiromi Cake

Italian technique and tastes with clear Japanese inspiration in the panettoni from Hiromi Cake, made with natural yeast refreshed three times a day.

It starts at 6 p.m. with the first dough of the panettone, including eggs, flour, and butter, which is left to leaven for about 12 hours or overnight. Then comes the second dough to which aromas and flavors characterizing the panettone are added, and this is left to leaven for about an hour. The third and final step: cutting and shaping, which are respectively the division of the dough into loaves and the formation of balls. These will then be placed in cupcake liners where the final leavening takes place, and finally, it goes into baking. After a night of resting upside down, they can be packaged.

At Hiromi Cake, panettoni are available in the flavors: Matcha Tea (Matcha dough with candied apricots and yuzu chocolate) and Chocolate, Ginger, and Gianduia.

Hiromi Cake

Limited Edition Luminist Panettone

Luminist, the versatile Neapolitan creation of Chef Giuseppe Iannotti, launches two interesting versions of the classic panettone recipe for a few weeks and only by order. The goal is to offer two delightful yet balanced recipes, avoiding excessive sweetness, where each ingredient is pleasantly perceived and enhanced.

The finest ingredients have been selected for the classic version, including French Isigny butter, candied fruits, Australian sultana raisins, Sicilian citron and orange, and Tahitian vanilla. The same has been done for the chocolate version, where French butter and vanilla remain the base but are paired with candied bergamot and Valrhona Tulakalum 75% dark chocolate.

The box that houses the panettone is stunning and recognizable as Luminist, with colors, drawings, games, and lucky charms telling tales of Neapolitan fairy tales and superstitions.

Giuseppe Iannotti


Panterrone from Forno Sammarco

A “land” panettone, unique in its kind, starting from the name: Forno Sammarco’s Panterrone. Unique ingredients and consequently, its flavor is unique too. The Panterrone features a light and delicate dough, made with soft or burnt wheat, and comes in over 10 variations, often accompanied by the candied fruits of Corrado Assenza.

The taste, unusual at first, immediately reveals an intriguing combination of sensations and flavors, as the name itself suggests, a clear homage to the land where this exceptional Puglian dessert originates.

Forno Sammarco

Special Raspberry and Chocolate Panettone from Gucci Osteria

The delicate and fragrant notes of raspberry combine with the rich and soft taste of chocolate for a pleasant twist on the classic holiday treat: Gucci Osteria’s Special Raspberry and Chocolate Panettone, in a strictly limited edition.

Gucci Osteria

 20 Panettone Not to Miss for Christmas 2023

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