9 of the Chicest and Most Refined Kitchens of 2023

Nine refined kitchens with sleek, contemporary design and professional functionality, handpicked from the best new designs for 2023.

Elie Saab Kitchen SCICRefined Kitchens 2023

The collaboration between SCIC and ELIE SAAB MAISON gives birth to a new line of kitchens and cabinets, designed by the famous Lebanese designer and marked by the rational spirit typical of Art Deco.

In Elie Saab Kitchen, the island with a Calacatta marble front is the protagonist of the composition. It stands out from the wide plinth for its particular quills that recall the round shapes of the side cylinders. The bases, glossy white lacquered, represent an element that provides convenience and practicality of use.

The steel top with a velvet finish, gives a feeling of softness to the touch but ensures strength and durability. Sink, induction hob, and hood are integrated into the top allowing for a flat surface free of protruding elements. This is also ensured by the presence of an equipped channel, useful for storing everyday utensils.

A fine touch, with timeless taste, is the drink shelf in Rosewood, framed by a painted metal edge, and supported by a circular plaque with an ELIE SAAB monogram in anodized metal.


Villa D’Este VisionnaireRefined Kitchens 2023

A kitchen that celebrates the aggregative dimension of living, not only within one’s family group, but also towards the outside world as a gesture of contamination and transformation, in the space that is the symbol par excellence of metamorphosis: Villa D’Este, designed by Mauro Lipparini for Visionnaire.

Everyday life is enriched with prestige and elegance in the most technological area of the house, thanks to the choice of refined materials such as Stone Oak – precious fossil wood obtained from centuries-old processes of soil stratification – and antique corrugated Calacatta marble, characterized by multiple veins.


Atlante Nest L’OttocentoRefined Kitchens 2023

L’Ottocento enriches its Atlante collection with Atlante Nest, an elegant kitchen proposal with a traditional design that is combined with the idea of aesthetic cleanliness of the containing boiserie, always favoring valuable and natural materials.

Atlante is the solid wood boiserie system that functionally furnishes the kitchen environment thanks to the full-height storage compartments, which can also be declined for the living area according to a file rouge of strong material expressiveness.

In the Nest version, the Atlante kitchen, made of closed-pore lacquered wood, inherits the design concept of the boiserie by following a more classic configuration that plays on light tones and color contrasts.

Atlante Nest’s base and refrigerator/oven columns designed to accommodate shelves and appliances express aesthetic rigor, echoing the collection’s linear frame and matching the tall solid wood and glass display cabinets, complete with striking LED lighting. Completing the kitchen is natural travertine, finished with transparent resin, used as the top and in the basin, to continue on the backdrop concealing exploitable niches with drop-down opening.


Saffron ValdesignRefined Kitchens 2023

An island kitchen with an exclusive aluminum frame of infinite potential: Zafferano, the latest innovation from Valdesign.

The particular frame of Zafferano, in fact, available in multiple finishes, is a feature that guarantees excellent performance from the point of view of resistance, water repellency and non-deformability, as well as for the absence of oxidation of the material.

The door of this system, the result of Valdesign’s search for solutions of excellence, consists of a frame that supports a panel that can be customized in a wide range of materials and finishes, depending on taste and needs.

The panels on the frame can be declined in glossy lacquer, matte, soft touch, micellized, glass, laminate, fenix, laminam, corian, stone and the innovative Aludust finish.


Lumina ScavoliniRefined Kitchens 2023

Formal cleanliness, flexibility and stylistic research: these are the characteristics of Lumina, the new Scavolini kitchen designed by Vuesse.

A sophisticated proposal with a vigorous stage presence, distinguished by extreme attention to detail and designed for those who love to surround themselves with furniture with a strong personality. The company’s continuous exploration of the universe of color variants has also led to the introduction of new finishes, available in three shades with a pearlescent effect.

From a stylistic point of view, a distinguishing element of the model is the door with a 40° cut for greater grip ergonomics in combination with two types of grooves, Round or Flat.

In order to respond, moreover, to renewed aesthetic and functional needs, the 75 cm modularity was introduced for the base units; this innovation represents a fascinating alternative to the standard 60 cm width and allows greater versatility to the project, being ideal to the insertion of built-in appliances of the latest generation.

The perfect combination of functionality and refined aesthetics is also highlighted by the perforated sheet metal for the wall units or for the sliding elements that are free-standing or suspended. The interior lighting and the see-through effect of the weave, available in two different patterns – Round and Linear – exclusive to Scavolini, add style and character to the compositions.


Ola SnaideroRefined Kitchens 2023

Snaidero’s OLA kitchen is an icon of design that continues to seduce with its sinuous curves, for the beauty and reassuring elegance proper to objects that have stood the test of time, a true work of art carved in wood, which, for 2023, you can further customize thanks to the introduction of new materials and finishes.

In 2023, in fact, OLA is getting a new look. The work has focused on expanding the range of materials, first and foremost wood: the cabinets, including those with curved doors, are available in a selection of wood essences that are new and exclusive to this model, both in terms of selection and veneer surface treatment.

The kitchen’s grooves can be customized in various colors, and it is also possible to play further in the choice of the element that characterizes the kitchen and communicates the company’s craftsmanship: the leg-sculpture, made of wood, carbon fiber and glass resin, can be matched to the doors or represent a breaking element, choosing contrasting materials and finishes.

Also new is the lighting system inserted under the top, which illuminates the leg, giving it even more value, and the LED placed on the back of the kitchen. Finally, a connecting wall unit is inserted to give continuity to the curve, marking a continuum between the depth of the cabinet and that of the wall unit.


Artematica Soft Outline ValcucineRefined Kitchens 2023

Artematica Soft Outline by Valcucine is characterized by the sinuous and delicate line that runs along the edges. In addition to emphasizing the continuity of the surfaces, it completes the image of the kitchen with refined elegance. The clean and essential design comes from advanced design and careful and precise processing techniques. Made with cutting-edge technology, the thin aluminum profiles, available in black, copper and bronze, become stylish details that embellish the composition.

The search for a new expressive possibility that enhances the perception of pure volume creates a space of poetic elegance where rigor and softness meet in subtle balance.

Artematica’s concept, in the Soft Outline version, is declined in independent modules that can be composed and combined at will according to space requirements and personal taste.

The use of special connecting elements gives movement to the composition, encouraging greater compositional freedom. Individual volumes are highlighted by the delicate metal profile that runs along the edges of the surfaces. The choice of finishes contributes to an ensemble of understated elegance. Here is the warmth of wood, the expressiveness of metal, and the matte tones of the glass color palette.


Prime Molteni & CRefined Kitchens 2023

Molteni & C’s Prime kitchen is enhanced by Vionaro drawers, making the composition even more valuable and functional.

Prime was created to express the full potential of a kitchen characterized by the distinctive opening. It comes in numerous compositional variants for the most sophisticated aesthetic requirements. The groove runs through the product without interruption and ends on the carried sides, an alternative solution to finished sides to leave maximum freedom of customization.

The exclusive Vionaro movement, with patented anodized aluminum sides, guarantees the exceptional performance of the drawers. Wider and roomier, they are perfect for adding practicality to Prime kitchens.

The new Dine snack table draws inspiration from the Ratio snack top to be used across all types of kitchens. Also new to the 2023 Collection is the new base that supports its top, which has a more generous thickness of up to 6.2 cm, giving it a more distinct personality and identity.

Novel finishes such as the new pine green and almond white shades, or the new exclusive 3D lacquer effect, which gives a wavy effect to the doors, for even more precious dynamism. The 3D effect is also introduced in the glass finish in the new etched bronze color. Stopsol glass, already available in the collection, includes the new bronze and silver effects.

Molteni & C

AkB_08 ArritalRefined Kitchens 2023

An exclusive project of strategic and conceptual innovation devised by architect Franco Driusso and chef Andrea Berton to transfer the functionality of the professional kitchen enriched with contemporary design into the domestic sphere: AkB_08 by Arrital.

Among the characteristic and innovative elements of AkB_08 is the multifunctional worktop “Twice,” a solution that allows the worktop to be expanded if necessary or, by lifting up, to take advantage of the equipped and ergonomic stainless steel compartment with accessories and tools essential for the various stages of preparing a dish.

A completely unique creation inspired by the functional needs of the chef is the removable cutting board-tray “AKB_Board,” an intelligent system with a wooden or Teflon cutting board that rests on a steel tray, removable and usable for serving at the table. Inspired by professional kitchens, is then the inclusion of some special appliances, valuable for those who take cooking seriously, such as the “Salamander” that allows you to keep food at a specific temperature or to gratinate or toast food, or the blast chiller, which can quickly bring the temperature of a dish from the cooking temperature to that suitable for the refrigerator or freezer.

Also on this new project, designer Franco Driusso resorted to the concept of the framed door, developing its design into a new “Floating core” solution in which aesthetic lightness is combined with the solidity of the structure for a contemporary design that becomes characteristic of the various accessories, from the “AkB_Board” tray to the countertops and shelves up to the innovative “Majestic” solution of the extractor hood, designed specifically for the island solution and coordinated with the sink with a raised edge, which gives great expressive force to the washing area and a useful functional expedient for the collection of water and splashes.


9 of the Chicest and Most Refined Kitchens of 2023

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