A Bouquet of Light: Posy by Masiero

A personal bouquet of light, unique and poetic: this is the design intent of lighting and interior designer Sara Moroni for the Posy collection by Masiero, a tribute to the floral kingdom.

With a strong visual impact, characterized by elegant minimalism, Posy features a structure of brass bar elements with an elegant brushed galvanic finish that support one or more spherical lampshades in opaline glass.

Inspired by the forms of the natural world, the collection reproduces the formal and structural transposition of gems that develop, in an irregular way, around a stem. The abstraction of natural gems has transformed them into poetic opal glass bubbles of different diameters, and the stem into an elegant organic brass structure that joins and supports the whole. The structure is a meeting of longer bars in smooth brass and shorter bars with micro striped decoration.

The collection comes in a wide range of types, shapes and sizes: single or multiple suspensions or clusters as in inflorescences. The juxtaposition of blown glass and brass is designed to make two noble materials interact with each other through light, almost in antithesis: light, fragile, semi-transparent the first and material, ductile, brilliant the second.

The originality of Posy also derives from having broken down the canons of composition of symmetry and correspondence of the elements; asymmetry and decomposition have been deliberately sought, as if to recall the concept of movement, dynamism and lightness.

A purposefully versatile style enables Posy to light up bars, hotels, offices, living rooms, and spaces with a modern or classic style.


A Bouquet of Light: Posy by Masiero

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