Light Is Woman

An evocative work of design inspired by the pure elegance of diamonds, the symbol par excellence of promises and traditionally associated with Venus, the goddess of love – meet the Donna lamp, designed by Matteo Bianchi for Italamp.

Reflections of Light

Composed of three crystals engraved like diamonds, the Donna suspension lamp is surmounted by a ring. Thanks to the external grooves, the brilliance, and thickness of the crystal are emphasized, creating spectacular plays of light and reflections.

To increase the particularity of the suspension, two elements have been subjected to crystal polishing both inside and outside, while the third diamond is offered with an internal satin finish, for an “ice effect” that captures the light and illuminates the element evenly.

The type of product required special attention to the lighting technology: a cold light was chosen for the LED source inside the elements to maximize the refraction effects of the crystal, while two conical aluminum pieces were placed at the ends to complete the structure, with the upper one acting both as a heat sink and a structural element.

Donna can be customized

with a variable number of elements to be arranged at different heights, while the structure is available in matt black, gunmetal,

or gold finishes.

Light Is Woman

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