A Table Dressed in Gold

Create a sensation of intimate conviviality gathering guests around a table dressed in gold with the most beautiful plates, the most delicate glasses and the finest cutlery. Unleash the imagination to decorate, invite those near and dear, create a delicious menu, and set a very special table.

Two Table Settings from Pintinox

Pintinox proposes two styles of mise en place that finds in gold cutlery a unique leitmotif, to bring the party atmosphere to the table. A choice that is a return to tradition and its symbolism, in which the glittering light of gold that heralds new beginnings.

gold cutlery

Sky Satin Treasure Honey Pintinox Flatware

Sky Satin Treasure Honey cutlery, essential design and matte and gold finish, is ideal for a modern, refined and elegant table. Pintinox imagined the Sky Satin Treasure Honey cutlery protagonists of a sober and essential table, classic in the color combinations of gold, white and red, and at the same time modern in style and discreet choice of decorations.

Eighteenth-century Alchimique Gold Pintinox Cutlery

In the eighteenth-century Alchimique Gold cutlery, the forms and decorations of the century are revived. The classic design of the functional part and the handle is combined with a light decorative pattern. A formal choice that makes Eighteenth-century Alchimique Gold cutlery important comprimarios of a classical style table, where it is the preciousness of gold that emerges, of cutlery, art plates and fine details, even the decorative ramage.


A Table Dressed in Gold

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