A Woman’s Passion Meets Decadent Chocolate

A mouth-watering chocolate shop with its very own workshop established with the passion of Livia Tommasino, a chocolatier under 25: Velt, where the quality of single-origins and blends meets the most advanced technology.

Velt, an artisan chocolate boutique born from the passion and commitment of Livia Tommasino, chocolatier and owner, has landed in the heart of Rome‘s Marconi district. An all-female business , this chocolate shop has a special name that

Livia chose as a tribute to her family: Velt is, in fact, the acronym of her parents, Vito and Emilia, plus the letters of her name.


A total space of about 100 square metres that fulfils Livia’s dream of becoming a maître chocolatier, ever since she attended the Vincenzo Gioberti Hotel School in Trastevere. It is a visceral love that binds her to the world of chocolate, amplified by the very first programmes on cake design, an aptitude so deep-seated that it was sealed by a prophetic event: in the very year in which she was choosing a specialisation from the then classic cuisine-salad-reception tripartition, a course in pastry making was added to the high school she was attending.

The young Livia, just 22 years old, after the course with Cast Alimenti, a prestigious school of advanced training and specialisation where she nurtured her talent and honed her skills, did an internship at Zuccarello in Turin before soon setting up on her own.

Velt’s is a cutting-edge, tailor-made workshop equipped with a thermoforming machine that applies a hot plastic moulding technique, a 3D printer to give three-dimensionality to the subjects, taking chocolate into a new dimension and, soon, an innovative machine that is part of Industry 4.0.

Elegant praline packages, meticulously decorated subjects and special chocolate artefacts adorn the gourmet chocolate outique to give or treat oneself to delicious moments of happiness.  

Visitors to the chocolate shop are greeted by an extremely wide range of white, milk and dark chocolates from 50% to 90%, blends and single origins. Livia has chosen to use exclusively Valrhona for her creations and, in addition to this extraordinary work marked by the anniversaries of the calendar, there is the entire ordinary production of 12 pralines (coconut and fondant; banana and Passion Fruit; salted caramel; coffee and sambuca; chocolate liqueur; honey; raspberry; griotte and lime; pistachio cremino; peanut; hazelnut with sequins; vanilla). And again, fruit covered in the finest dark chocolate as in the case of orange or in the white chocolate version for lemon. Then, gianduia or raw pistachio spreads, dragées as a tasty alternative to the classic sugared almonds in the variants with fruit, so olive, ginger, hazelnut or pistachio and a home-made chocolate liqueur. In addition to these items, the chocolate shop has its own biscuit corner with cookies, Viennese with cocoa, cantucci with milk chocolate and orange, chocolate cake, chocolate and orange, hazelnut and carrot, and a list of single portions, from tasty slices of great classics such as Sachertorte to examples of modern pastry with caramel tartlet, white chocolate namelaka and sanded hazelnuts, coffee tartlet with sequin crunch and shortcrust pastry crumble or apricot base cake, apricot base cake, raspberry jelly and milk cream.

Velt’s sparkling and original proposal has, in short, the ambition to bring its customers closer to a more conscious consumption of chocolate, starting with children for whom lollipops and bon bons have been created ad hoc and future thematic workshops are not excluded. With a view to growth, Livia’s idea is to create new synergies between chocolate and restaurants, a sort of joint venture with chefs where chocolate is put at the service of the kitchen, showing the versatility of this ingredient and its infinite variations in taste, colour and texture.


A Woman’s Passion Meets Decadent Chocolate

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