The Acqua di Parma Tableware Collection: A Refined Ode to Italian Conviviality

The Acqua di Parma tableware collection is a refined celebration of the art of living and the unique spirit of Italian conviviality. From fragrances to lifestyle, the Maison skillfully interprets the culture and warmth of sharing, essence of Italian living. 

Having crafted exclusive tableware for years for private events, Acqua di Parma now unveils a new collection, available to a broader audience, inspired by the Italian art of conviviality rooted in a long history of family gatherings and shared moments.

Acqua di Parma Tableware Collection: A Refined Celebration of Italian Living

The comprehensive and precious collection includes dinner, soup, and dessert sets, coffee and tea sets, as well as water and wine carafes with glasses. Each meticulously handcrafted piece is adorned with an essential motif of golden rays, reflecting the essence of the Maison and evoking the intimate, distinctly Italian warmth of gathering around the table.

The dinner plates are by Geminiano Cozzi Venezia 1765, a historic Venetian porcelain brand renowned for its beauty and elegance. Founded over 250 years ago by a master ceramist of Venetian baroque, the brand’s collections have adorned the tables of Doges and aristocrats worldwide. Revitalized by Antonio and Tamara Tognana, the brand honors its deep DNA while embracing a contemporary vision.

The glasses, designed by Gala Rotelli for Acqua di Parma, use Italian glass and entirely manual craftsmanship, with each glass blown by hand without molds. This manual process eliminates the typical mold joint line, ensuring each glass possesses its unique charm. Additionally, the ochre edge details are meticulously hand-finished, guaranteeing each glass is a unique crafted object.

In a refined harmony of aesthetics and functionality, the meticulous craftsmanship of every detail translates into a perfect tactile and visual experience, ideal for accompanying moments shared with loved ones.

The iconic decoration of Geminiano Cozzi Venezia 1765, known as Striche, serves as the primary inspiration for the service. Introduced by Geminiano Cozzi himself, it symbolizes the shift from baroque extravagance to simpler, more linear decorative motifs emblematic of Neoclassicism. The Striche, characterized by colored radial lines, delimited by a delicate gold thread, embodies taste and elegance in every detail, representing the Maison’s spirit.

Alongside the fragrances of the Home Collection, which diffuse the essence of Italian landscapes and atmospheres throughout the home, Acqua di Parma offers a new, elegant expression of the joyful Italian art of living.

The collection pieces, available exclusively by order, will be showcased at the Acqua di Parma boutique in Milan.

Acqua di Parma

The Acqua di Parma Tableware Collection: A Refined Ode to Italian Conviviality

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