Add a Touch of Viva Magenta

A color shade that is rich in appeal, highly versatile and at the same time capable of breaking the classic mold: this is Viva Magenta, the Pantone 2023 color identified in code 18-1750.

Vibrant and energetic, the particular shade of red, selected for the new year by the world’s color authority and provider of professional color language standards and digital solutions for the design community, proves to be perfectly in step with the times.

Here are some design ideas declined in the color Viva Magenta to add a touch of this epic hue to the home.

Officine Gullo Kitchens

The particular shade of bright red, inspired by nature and the color of the cochineal, envelops Officine Gullo’s signature kitchens and appliances with warm suggestions.

Dynamic ranges, hoods and refrigerators that combine excellent professional performance worthy of a chef and cutting-edge design, enhanced by the appeal of the Pantone color, a symbol of pure joy and positivity.

Officine Gullo

Catellani&Smith Ale Lamp

The hemisphere becomes the distinctive element of the Ale lamp line by Catellani&Smith, declined in four different models: BE T, C, BIG and W.

Ale BE T is a battery-operated table lamp that, being wireless, can be carried in any environment. The circular base is connected, via a small cylinder, to two thin elements arranged in a “V” shape that support the hemispherical cap, which can be oriented, on a single axis, to direct the light produced by an LED. The ironic detail of a fly resting on the dome conceals the screw for attachment to the lamp body.

The ceiling version, Ale C, consists of a base with a diameter of 9 cm and a cylinder from which originate the two “V” shaped elements that support the aluminum hemisphere, in which a COB LED is hidden. Thanks to the presence of a lens, part of the emitted light is concentrated in a characteristic circle of light on the ceiling.

Finally, Ale BIG is an elegant table lamp, with a height of about 75 cm. The hemisphere reaches a diameter of 50 cm and is supported by the two vertical elements arranged in a “V” shape, which rest on a solid cylindrical base, embellished with brass details and an engraved and enameled logo.

The LED light source is equipped with a lens that, by distributing the luminous flux over an angle of 340°, guarantees a considerable amount of light, which can be adjusted thanks to the red button on the base.

The Ale W wall version is the hemisphere in its purest form. Thanks to the telescopic mechanism with which the wall mount is equipped, the hemisphere can be spaced from the wall, thus varying the diameter of the luminous edge produced by the 13W LED board (2000 lm). The ironic detail of the fly resting on the hemisphere also characterizes this model, which is available in white, black, blue or fluo magenta finishes.


Turri Roma Chair

Turri, more and more attentive to the demands of the new generations, has managed to create a transversal fil-rouge of trends capable of embracing a more contemporary taste. Hence the meeting with the International style of Monica Armani that gave birth to the new capsule collection Roma in which the perfect balance between aesthetics and innovation, between technology and tradition, typical of the Italian designer’s stylistic signature and equally shared by the know-how of the Turri company, can be perceived.

As in a journey to the eternal city from which it takes its name, among the archetypes of Italian architecture, the first element that distinguishes the entire collection is the round arch, a synthesis of perfection and harmony.

The continuous reference to the distinctive features and know-how of the Turri brand is balanced by Monica Armani’s recognizable line, creating an exclusive relationship. Roma, with its soft, rounded lines, shows its innovative DNA in the choice and use of fine materials. Turri’s historical skill in the creation of lacquered surfaces finds its highest expression in Roma: the contemporary geometric print applied to the doors of the products is added to the combination of precious fabrics and embroidered leathers that tell a singular and timeless design.

“Straight and round lines chase each other, connect to create unique objects born from the union of historical memory and contemporaneity,” explains Monica Armani. The unique and complete semicircular section designed by the arch, the cornerstone element of this collection, defines a wide range of furnishings, including seating.

With a smooth or embroidered back, upholstered in fabric or leather, Roma chairs express the reference to the round arch from which the entire collection is inspired, especially in the round plan form. Same line and same customization possibilities also for the Roma Lounge armchair.


Abimis Ego Kitchen

Born from Prisma’s extensive international experience in professional catering but designed specifically for the home environment, Ego is a line of Abimis designed to personalize, emphasize and make unique the experience of cooking at every stage. It creates, therefore,an environment ‘adjusted’ to the movements of the cook,ergonomic, balanced between aesthetics, innovation and design.

Ego is made entirely of AISI 304 steel, a biologically neutral metal that does not release any substances on food, resists corrosion, temperatures up to 500°C, is very easy to clean and is 100 percent recyclable.

Peculiarity that makes it unique Ego model is tailoring: each kitchen is in fact made to design and custom crafted with craftsmanship care, from the different types of compartments, doors and worktops to the finishes.

The model features a flush hinged radiused door fully integrated into the structure, for great aesthetic appeal, and an invisible hinge, patented by Abimis. It is a unique kitchen, capable of adapting to every need, but it is also an emotional element, a functional tool, a combination of wisdom and multifunction, which accommodates the most varied equipment and places at the center of the act of cooking, finally, the figure of the cook.

Foscarini Supernova Lamp

A volume created by two-dimensional planes, a chiaroscuro of shadows with a luminous core in the center: the Supernova lamp designed by Ferruccio Laviani for Foscarini is a fascinating paradox. The particular design of the metal discs that compose it creates a fascinating effect of reflected light, even more striking for the Viva Magenta version.


Nora Bross

The Nora collection by Bross, consisting of an armchair and a lounge, is characterized by enveloping lines that ensure a high degree of comfort.

Distinctive features are the particular inclination of the armrest and the harmonious and well-proportioned shell, enriched by stitching that marks its parts – seat, back, armrests -, giving it a particular identity.

Yet it is the solid wood structure that stands out as the protagonist of Nora’s exclusive design: in fact, Bross’s mastery of woodworking delivers an indelible mark, around which the entire concept of the collection revolves. Perfect for furnishing offices, hotels, for waiting rooms but also ideal for residential settings, Nora is offered with a natural or stained ash frame and with fabric or leather upholstery.


Add a Touch of Viva Magenta

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