All-In: Franke’s Revolutionary Kitchen System

Franke understands that the contemporary kitchen has become a fluid space where the digital dimension, enabled by smart devices, and the human-centric dimension merge together. All-in is the solution for making food preparation as clean, quick and efficient as can be.

Through this evolution, the home acquires new functional roles, becoming a place where all activities, including cooking, are gestures of care. It has become an “augmented” kitchen, a place for cooking, socializing, working, and expressing one’s love through food.

Aware of these new domestic routines, Franke Home Solutions, the world leader in smart systems and solutions for the home kitchen, is embracing the challenge of offering an “augmented” cooking experience that allows people to rediscover the rituals of cooking: this is the essence of the All-In Food Preparation System, the latest addition to the Franke Home Solutions family that gives the best of flexibility and simplicity in the kitchen.

Franke’s All-In is a flexible food preparation system that consists of a modular universal accessory kit, giving you eight different products in one.

The accessories of the Franke signature system are: the telescopic runner, equipped with extendable stainless steel rails with heavy-duty handles that fit all sinks up to 540 mm; the bamboo wood cutting board, which can be placed over the edge of the sink or attached securely to the telescopic runner; two perforated trays, one large and one small, which can be used as a colander or as a container for storing food; the bamboo wood lid, which can be placed on the small tray to keep food fresh; the heat-resistant, roll-up silicone mat; and the storage tray, perfect for storing everything neatly.

All-In allows you to customize your work area by adapting perfectly to all your kitchen needs: in fact, the set’s accessories can be combined with each other in various types of kits, starting with Accessory Set 1 (consisting of the telescopic slide, bamboo cutting board, and large perforated tray) and ending with Accessory Set 5, which includes all eight accessories, for a complete experience.

Simple, elegant, and playful, Franke’s All-In is the most intuitively equipped kitchen sink organizer that ensures seamless, fluid, and efficient food preparation: from ingredient preparation to the cooking process, through dish cleaning to perfect kitchen space tidying.

All-In succeeds in transforming the kitchen environment from both a functional and aesthetic point of view, thanks to a harmonious color palette designed to suit every type of material and kitchen. Thanks to the possibility of creating one’s own modular, innovative and design-oriented workstation, cooking becomes a daily playful experience.

All-In: Franke’s Revolutionary Kitchen System

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