A Passion True to Nature with Signature Kitchen Suite

Signature Kitchen Suite, the high-end home appliance brand of the LG Electronics group that has always made respect and passion for food a philosophy, will present at Fuorisalone 2022 in Milan with “True to Nature: The Show is back,” an event open to the public staged at the showroom in Via Manzoni 47, part of the Brera Design District.

A title on the one hand directly related to the brand’s “True to Food” mantra, but also intended to highlight the continuum with the aim of raising awareness of the need to regain a strong connection with nature, even when we are in the city – a theme introduced by the company at the last edition of Design Week.

Indeed, returning to nature means fully appreciating the world around us, re-educating ourselves to treat it with respect and love, becoming active players in the creation of a better present and future.

With “True to Nature,” the public will be invited to participate in an immersive experience that will begin in the outdoor gallery adjacent to the arches of Porta Nuova and continue along the three floors of the showroom, which was presented during Design Week in renewed and even greener garb, thanks to a restyling by Calvi Brambilla Studio.

In the outdoor area, a large-scale illustration designed by Carlo Stanga will introduce guests to the experience. For Signature Kitchen Suite, the artist will create a macro view of the city of Milan, reinterpreted from a True to Food perspective, an explicit invitation to rediscover the importance of contact with nature even in an urban setting. From the “terrace” over Milan of the Signature Kitchen Suite, you can observe a new city, suspended between the real and the imaginary, where nature – and food – become part of the landscape.

Inside the showroom, Signature Kitchen Suite will bring some food and beverage production activities synonymous with excellence and quality, from the production of Balsamic Vinegar of Modena to the pouring of ancestral wines.

Guests will thus be able to discover these activities up close and taste their fruits. The path of True to Nature is an invitation to rediscover the value of food, its timing, seasonality and the various forms of craftsmanship that allow raw materials to be treated with respect, according to nature.

A respect that for Signature Kitchen Suite must also continue inside our homes, where the technology and design of home appliances become key elements for the best preservation and cooking of food.

Inside the showroom it will thus be possible to discover the entire range of Signature Kitchen Suite built-in appliances and learn about their features and functionality.

Among the previews will be two new refrigeration models that focus on flexibility in terms of space and versatility in use: the Undercounter Convertible Refrigerator, consisting of two convertible drawers that can be set with six different temperature modes, and the Undercounter Wine Cellar, with a capacity of 41 bottles and two zones adjustable for temperature and humidity.

Storytelling is a key word of True to Nature: “telling” means passing on knowledge and traditions. Thus, Signature Kitchen Suite through visual suggestions, words and food experiences, accompanies its guests in a tale of excellence to be respected, sustained and handed down, to write the story of a sustainable and valuable food future.


A Passion True to Nature with Signature Kitchen Suite

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