Aesthetic Allure for the World of Yacht Design

Costiera and Baia represent the exciting nautical challenge of yacht design created by Ethimo and Christophe Pillet, a collection of lounge elements born from the meeting of technical know-how and aesthetic sensibility, designed to transfer aboard yachts, large boats and exclusive yachting clubs the atmospheres, unique style and quality that have always defined Ethimo’s outdoor collections.

The Yacht Collection by Ethimo

This proposal dedicated to the yachting world is declined in two collections, Costiera and Baia, which have different characteristics, and yet are ‘linked’ to each other by a unique mood that makes them perfectly matchable.

Costiera and Baia trace an unprecedented and evocative path in the world of yacht design and outdoor decor, suggesting a philosophy of outdoor living that moves from the mainland to the sea, configuring the boat as a space that can be inhabited without limits, a place to be furnished in a refined and comfortable style, in which the interior spaces are in constant rapport with the outdoors.


Ethimo‘s yacht collection is a sartorial project that harmoniously combines aesthetic and functional features: fabrics, ample proportions and materials of the highest technical quality draw welcoming and appealing shapes, perfect for furnishing with originality even “floating” lounge areas with a strong contemporary allure.

Costiera and Baia are told through two versions of seating, which, starting with their names, evoke fascinating maritime panoramas and describe the world of sailing in an ideal marriage of contemporary design and performance.

Costiera has voluminous cushioning and the shape of the seats, except for the support base, is built with structural technical padding where the upholstery defines the very framework. Baia has soft cushions that rest on a base whose ‘border’ is formed by a fabric-covered panel system.

The common thread running through the entire collection is created by a single mood that passes through the selection of materials and finishes from the yachting world and a fabric portfolio that evokes the most heritage soul of the nautical world, reinterpreted in a contemporary key.

In addition, the great modularity of the lounge and sundeck elements makes it possible to create custom environments to meet every need and use. Costiera and Baia count more than twenty elements that, when combined, can furnish different types of space, in terms of width and morphology.

Fabrics contribute strongly to characterizing the personality of the new yacht collection. The wide-striped Cruise upholstery, which defines the Costiera line, can easily meet the neutral “outfit” of the Mallorca fabric or Baia’s cushioning in the Navy version, with thin stripes. Baia shows its full sartorial nature in the special nautical style leather band version combined with the fine Linen fabric.

All upholstery, with a soft and comfortable hand, has properties and characteristics that ensure high performance in any outdoor context or situation and allow the furniture to maintain its beauty and functionality over time.

The upholstery is water-repellent and ‘sealed’ with a special technique that prevents water from penetrating inside and slipping off. All cushions and armrests are easily removable, and the leather used is environmentally friendly and specifically for outdoor use.

The refined and versatile coffee tables, which complete the lounge setting, feature travertine tops, a natural material perfect for outdoor use.

The base and structure of the Costiera and Baia seats and coffee tables are made of powder-coated aluminum, in Silver finishes, which can be combined with Accoya or natural Mahogany wood inserts in a polished finish, and Carbon, which is paired, instead, with polished Wenge-colored Iroko inserts.

1960s Nautical Style: a timeless elegance

With the new Costiera+Baia collection, Ethimo creates a meeting point between the world of sailing and outdoor decor, generating surprising settings of comfort that recall the timeless elegance of the nautical style of the 1960s, with a contemporary twist.

Costiera+Baia, in addition to being able to function as the protagonists of large boats, can also inhabit the most exclusive contract environments, yachting clubs or adorn elegant residential settings.


Aesthetic Allure for the World of Yacht Design

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