Alto Cocktail Bar at Rome’s The First Musica

At the top of The First Musica, the Pavilions group’s third boutique hotel, stands Alto Cocktail Bar: an elegant glimpse of Rome’s mixology, music, and fine dining.

Step into Alto

Alto is located on the uppermost sixth and seventh floors of The First – set in the Lungotevere Dei Mellini. Its name, just like its musical reference, aspires to the highest notes, expressed as a tribute to music and delineated by the three ellipses that are the symbols of the official logo. Alto represents the musical frequencies that are created by inserting the longitude of Lungotevere dei Mellini 27 – a cocktail bar whose name is just as carefully chosen as are the selection of drinks and foods that make up its menus.

The ambience of Alto Cocktail Bar and its lines bear the signature of architect Antonio Marincola: a tribute to the original colors of the Colosseum with gray and gold taking center stage. Wide spaces with boundless views, elegance and modernity in the furnishings, starting with the eight high seats that embrace the main entrance bar; about 15 covers for the outdoor terrace and as many as 60 seats for the main room on the sixth floor.

Alessandro Guaschi, bar manager of Alto Cocktail Bar, with international experience gained in France, Australia, Scotland and England and numerous collaborations as a consultant, proposes two types of mixes, distinguishing the environments of the two highest floors of The First Musica: on the sixth floor, a bold drink list is developed, with homages to music and the Mediterranean nature of the ingredients; on the seventh, on the other hand, a classic mixing in favor of a party atmosphere that includes a private area, for the capital’s social events.

Cocktails to Sip. Foods to Nibble

“Most of the signatures are related to the world of fermentation while remaining easy-drinking cocktails, to be understood and appreciated even by the less experienced in the field,” explains Alessandro Guaschi.

A drink list with a Mediterranean flavor that is reflected in the choice of ingredients, yet winking at the ever-cosmopolitan flair of Rome with the addition of spices like karkadè kombucha, kefir and miso that form the basis of some so to speak “healthy” cocktails. The fil rouge of Alto Cocktail Bar is fermentation, which is also present in the three non-alcoholic drinks mentioned on the menu in addition to the other nine signature drinks. The drink list tends toward seasonality, varying over time. Not only cocktails; it is possible, in fact, to sip a bubbly or a good wine, by the glass, from a choice of more than 200 labels.

There is no shortage of classic cocktails, from spritzes to mojitos but “done right!” The aperitif formula is interesting, in which cold and hot courses are served by default to accompany a drink. From 10 p.m. until 2 a.m., however, it continues with cold courses only but with in addition the possibility, for those who wish, to combine them with mini pastries, choosing from four different types of chocolates in collaboration with Velo, the haute patisserie of The First Roma Dolce in Via del Corso. The a la carte menu is extensive and well-calibrated: Oysters, Tartare and Carpaccio, Mini burgers, Club sandwiches and the ever-present Bread, butter and Cantabrian anchovies.

Also warming the rooftop are Jacopo Mercuro’s 180-gram pizzas: Pizza fritta (tomato, parmesan and basil), La romana (tomato, basil and DOP buffalo mozzarella), La romana special (red shrimp, truffle, DOP buffalo mozzarella, burrata).

Alto Cocktail Bar at Rome’s The First Musica

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