An Ode to the Five Senses: Visionnaire Bistrot

Research, elegance and the sensual appeal of flavors intertwine with evocations of Italian culinary culture at the Visionnaire Bistrot inside the Visionnaire Design Gallery in Milan.

When Visionnaire chose its Milan headquarters located in the former Cavour cinema in 2008, it imagined a space for artistic experimentation and conceived a place where people could share and coexist with artifacts through the experience of beauty.

The Concept of Visionnaire: Gallery to Bistrot

Thus was born the Wunderkammer, an art gallery within the design gallery, a place for art exhibitions that organically extends, or merges, with the brand’s design activity and establishes a fertile generative connection with it. Visionnaire Design Gallery is a landmark in the Brera district, and within it is the bistro, expanding the concept of the store from a sales space to a place to be.

The conceptual evolution of the exhibition space continues to the present day, when Filippo Gozzoli meets Visionnaire’s philosophy of living and embraces its thinking, transforming the bistro into a destination for aesthetic and ecstatic pleasure.

The Visionnaire Bistrot, a project of love and reference toward Italian gastronomic culture, devoted to a discreet exaltation of delicious local ingredients and experimental curiosity of new flavors and pairings for a refined international audience in search of a unique experience in an evocative destination that blends art and design.

The Cremonese star chef’s adventure began when he was only six years old and accompanied him throughout his life to many places around the world, from London to Manhattan. At Visionnaire he brings to life his culinary philosophy based on the pinnacles of taste, research, elegance, sensual charm of flavors and the mingling of memories rooted in the culture.

Filippo Gozzoli’s cooking, in tune with that of chef de cuisine Luca La Peccerella, is a narrative that continues from the selection of ingredients to the plate, and, as in a work of art, his compositions are the result of a careful study of colors, of an overwhelming interweaving of shapes and loving relationships between foods.

Visionnaire Bistrot’s Elegant Offerings

From the predominantly plant-based menu selection at lunch, in which there is no shortage of signature dishes, however–beef tartare, tubetti with fish broth, beet club sandwich, and pappa al pomodoro–to the aperitif and dinner specials of raw fish paired with exclusive champagnes, including a Perrier Jouet selection.

Visionnaire Bistrot’s cocktail menu celebrates the brand’s most beautiful projects in the world: from the Garden of Beauty presented at Miami Art Basel comes the Peacock Sour; the Lego Tonic lands directly from the moon, the designers Draga&Aurel’s inspirational imagery for the Lego capsule.

In Visionnaire Milan, Italian lifestyle is celebrated as a sense of home and a passion for the culinary arts, because beauty comes first through the five senses and the happiness they can generate. Visionnaire Bistrot’s kitchen is joy and beauty, exaltation of Italian savoir faire and evocation of memories.

Foto: Lorenzo Pennati.

Visionnaire Bistrot

An Ode to the Five Senses: Visionnaire Bistrot

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