Surrounded by Eclectic Luxury

Luxury understood as the continuous search for tangible, authentic and unprecedented qualities, in both residential and hospitality settings, finds expression in the dedication to manufacturing excellence that is the common thread of Angelo Cappellini’s 2022 collections.

From dining to living areas, Angelo Cappellini’s products embrace all areas of daily living through the skillful use of exclusive fabrics, rich in textures and persuasive material textures.

Exclusive Details Distinguish Angelo Cappellini

A classically inspired space is conceived by Angelo Cappellini, where the atmosphere takes one back to a Parisian apartment, featuring wood paneling and handcrafted, exclusive details in every corner.

The renowned Allure collection is revisited in detail with a care and mastery capable of rendering products with that contemporary classic charm of which the brand is the interpreter par excellence. Three environments communicate the essence of the company’s design and total look: a Louis XV-style living room, a Baroque living room, and a Louis XVI-style dining room.

The ancient art of marquetry is taken up today by the skilled artisans of The brand, to create classic-style products of eternal splendor and elegance, capable of making even rooms with a contemporary feel unique and exclusive.

Among the novelties are new versions of the Cezanne dining table and Louis XVI-style chairs and sideboard, whose wood inlay, the result of centuries of experience and unparalleled know-how, reproduces the evocative pattern of Vienna straw.

The choice of solid colors and textured fabrics give the brand, while still faithful to its traditional soul, a modern and eclectic spirit, coordinated by a refined play of material and chromatic references.

A sophisticated combination of classical proportions and contemporary influences, expressed through different “moods,” allows multiple possibilities for customizing products according to personal taste and interpretation.

Surrounded by Eclectic Luxury

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