Infinity Table

A modular table with infinite customization possibilities, in which every detail has been crafted with particular attention to design, and high aesthetic and structural quality: Meet the Infinity Table by Laurameroni, designed by Cesare Arosio.

Infinity Table is the perfect protagonist of the dining area thanks to the dialogue between the different precious materials in which it is proposed. The base has an important design and presents a precise geometric honeycomb pattern that is enhanced by lacquering. The top, subdivided into segments and embellished with a central rose in burnished brass, is available in a range of materials, from wood essences to the finest marbles and lacquers.

“Laurameroni Design Collection is synonymous with quality and beauty. But where does the new luxury come from? Our 20 years of experience and success confirm that today’s true exclusivity is to be found in modularity and customization, new keywords for every professional looking for a unique and different design. For us, the Infinity Table is the emblem of this concept: the new luxury is modularity combined with high-quality materials,” said the luxury brand’s top management.

The customized combination of different materials makes every room unique and exclusive, making Infinity a perfect piece to be either prestigious homes or in high-end offices, given the product’s nature of adapting to the architectural space in which it is inserted, just like an elegant tailor-made suit.

Infinity Table

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