Antolini Kitchen Excellence

The kitchen has always been synonymous with the domestic hearth, an environment characterized by an intimate, family dimension. Over the years, its role in the balance of the home has changed, becoming more and more a place of sharing and conviviality, opening up to glances and annulling traditional barriers until it flows into the living areas, becoming an element to be shown off.

It is no coincidence that the kitchen is among the most attractive themes for designers and planners, who since the early years of Modernism have elected it as a place for experimentation and research, without forgetting, of course, its indispensable performance requirements.

Antolini Kitchen’s Azerocare®Plus

And it is precisely with an eye toward these multiple identities of the contemporary kitchen that Antolini, an internationally recognized Italian excellence in the world of natural stone, has developed Azerocare®Plus, an innovative process that amplifies the visual power of its natural stones by protecting their surfaces from aggression by external agents, such as staining and corrosion due to contact, even brief contact, with organic substances with an oily or acid base.

An evolution and refinement of the already revolutionary Azerocare®, launched by Antolini in 2016, this exclusive high-tech, 24-hour-tested process offers marbles, onyxes and soft quartzites permanent protection, with no chromatic or tactile alterations. Anticorrosive, stain-resistant, hygienic and easy to clean, Azerocare®Plus is environmentally friendly and suitable for food contact, a sine qua non for a kitchen that is both prestigious and functional.

This is the keystone that has allowed Antolini natural stones to be chosen by the biggest kitchen brands, which have covered their wall units, storage units, doors and tops with marble and quartzite, combining their nuances and veining with new and unusual materials.

Stones of unrepeatable beauty that fully satisfy the aesthetic choices of each project and simultaneously offer the technical requirements that can efficiently meet the needs of resistance, inalterability and durability that an environment like the kitchen requires.


Antolini Kitchen Excellence

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