Soft Silhouettes: The Beauty of Natural Stone Adorns the Antolini Tableware Collection

Irish Green marble marks the first capsule collection dedicated to tableware by Antolini.

An unprecedented and unexpected project, the result of a striking creative chemistry with interior designer Alessandro La Spada, which has given rise to a line of uniquely designed accessories, part of the Antolini Exclusive Collection.

An unprecedented chapter in the semantic narrative of the Veronese brand characterized by a dialogue that winds between craftsmanship, material, vision – the look beyond precisely – and design concreteness.

The Rare Beauty of Natural Stone Tableware 

A tableware collection developed around the table, where the emotional aspect and the irreducible obsession and pursuit for the finest detail are its distinguishing features.

From the combination of two atavistic materials – stone and metal – an elegant narrative opens up in which the oval table and the hanging lamp in Cristallo Traslux in a matte finish become the setting in which table accessories, similar to small architectures, reveal the story of this unexpected collection, capturing the viewer’s gaze in an almost dreamlike vision.

Antolini creates its first Tableware Collection by choosing Irish Green, the signature marble of the Exclusive Collection and which has helped make Antolini the internationally recognized and undisputed brand of exclusive natural stones. The green tones, the sloping shades from dark to light, the white veining, and the translucent color of this spectacular marble are emphasized by the combination with the seductive metal proposed in the sophisticated Rose Gold color scheme.

Alessandro La Spada for Antolini

“The napkin holder, whose shape recalls that of a bracelet, and where we have inserted a marble wedding ring inside the metal cylinder, is the object I designed deliberately closest to a piece of jewelry to be worn, an element that adorns the body,” explains Alessandro La Spada.

With these words, the designer underscores the esprit of this capsule collection marked by the ornamental dream of the table and the nourishment of the senses associated with it.

A rectangular, multifunctional and generously sized tray to ensure a scenic presence of the on the table, a floor glacette, a placeholder plate whose shape – replicated in other objects as well – evokes the Antolini monogram, that is, stone, that natural stone that Antolini has been choosing and transforming since 1960 – a breadstick holdertwo risers of different heights to play with proportions, a precious butter holder and a stylistic candle holder that can also accommodate the stem of a delicate flower.

Illuminating the mise en place, elegant table lamps that are extremely sophisticated.

Complements that express a harmonic dichotomy of broken curves and soft silhouettes, emphasized by the twist of using stone. Grafts of primitive materials, marble and metal, that Antolini and Alessandro La Spada wanted to unite in a stylistic and physical gesture, a new invitation, within the Antolini MilanoDuomo Stoneroom, to a tactile, as well as visual, emotion that is as evocative as ever.

The Antolini Tableware Collection shows the object and its function, represented as a sculpture, a miniature compared to what the company has produced so far, to highlight that peculiar artisanal virtue of the brand’s production, capable of creating custom-made designer furniture appreciated all over the world.

 By celebrating the beauty of stone and human ingenuity, Antolini once again confirms its striving for excellence, research and innovation always at the service of Mother Nature’s creations.


Soft Silhouettes: The Beauty of Natural Stone Adorns the Antolini Tableware Collection

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