Architectural Symmetry: Diamante by Prestige

Prestige interprets the taste and desires of those who love classic elegance, integrating technology and clean lines with a made-to-measure program that is handcrafted in every detail. It was in the heart of the Veneto region, in 1989, that the brand first established its headquarters, where classic-contemporary style furniture is made and where it guards the secret of priceless know-how. This is a brand that prides itself on its decades of standards of excellence, with each product contextualized in its environment, carefully designed, and customized.

The Prestige of Made in Italy

Proud of its roots, Prestige production is entirely Made in Italy. The craftsmanship, quality and elegance of its furniture speak to the furnishing world of a timeless style.

Among the brand’s latest creations Diamante is a new kitchen line, a classic-contemporary project able to satisfy a multitude of living needs. Diamante represents a new concept created following international trends, always characterized by Italian style and high quality. This is a kitchen designed with the ambition of achieving the maximum balance between form and function.

Its lines are elegant and light because it is devoid of superfluous artifices: even the essentially decorative details are inspired by rational modernity, and define the style with elegant sobriety.

The central doors in the tall units open onto functionality –  with rationally arranged storage compartments, large drawers, and other organized spaces, including a capacious wine cellar.

The volumes are distinctly contemporary, as are the avant-garde technical solutions adopted. The classical imprint emerges from the composure of the shapes, from the frames that decorate and separate the columns, from the details of cabinet-making expertise, as can be seen, for example, in the composition with doors and paneling in greige matt lacquer and Canaletto walnut with a top in Invisible Grey polished marble. Diamond is a kitchen with architectural symmetry of composition, welcoming and full of style.

Architectural Symmetry: Diamante by Prestige

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