Architetture en plein air: Aldìa di Giorgetti

With changing habits, life in the open air has become the true protagonist of contemporary life, and the boundary between indoor and outdoor is increasingly blurred, declining even in the open air the elegance typical of indoor environments, made of research on details, the study of forms, the preciousness of materials.

Giorgetti is a great interpreter of this revolution in living. Season after season, it has been able to translate the needs of outdoor spaces in an increasingly articulated way, transforming gardens and terraces, hotels, restaurants, and yachts into true open-air rooms for an experience of style and maximum comfort.

In this context of continuous research, the Aldìa collection designed by Carlo Colombo was born: a complete system of furnishings that can be used both indoors and outdoors. Armchairs, modular sofas, poufs, and coffee tables are designed to define the space with elegance and give the dream of a small paradise. The layered wood, pantographed and then worked by hand, seems to have been polished by the wind; the textile upholstery diffuses the warm shades of Caribbean sunsets; the surfaces of the tables, designed with fragments of marble and stone, recall an ancestral naturalness.

We are very proud to present Aldìa, the first outdoor collection designed by Carlo Colombo for Giorgetti. We have been working with the designer for ten years and we have a great vision. Thanks to his skills as an architect, his knowledge of foreign markets and contract, and his creative flair, we have always managed to create highly successful product families: I am sure that this will be the case this time too”, commented Giovanni del Vecchio, CEO of Giorgetti Group.

I wanted this first outdoor project for Giorgetti to be something special both for me and for the company. With the play of asymmetrical windows that characterises the structure of the seats, I translated my idea of architecture on a micro-scale; I introduced a touch of irony to give a sense of pleasure and happiness to those who will relate to these pieces, I worked on the theme of memory that Giorgetti has been carrying on for over 120 years with an extraordinary ability to work wood manually. Each piece in the collection is unique and holds a precious heritage: the humanity of those who have worked it with passion and dedication,” said Carlo Colombo.

Craftsmanship and technology come together in the production process of the Aldìa collection to create a series of objects that are beautiful to look at and designed to last over time. The furnishings conquer the space, defining the atmosphere and giving those who live in them a sensory experience. “The wood is so finely worked that it becomes irresistible to the touch: I would never stop caressing it because it gives a wonderful, sensual feeling of softness and sophisticated elegance,” Carlo Colombo said.

The Aldìa small armchair and modular outdoor sofa have backrests made of reconstituted birch plywood, available in the natural finish and in the refined light grey variant. The armrests of the sofa are made in the same way as the backrest; those of the small armchair, on the other hand, are made of EVA rubber in white, sand, dark brown, bally blue brick, or grey. For both the base is in painted metal; the cushions in polyurethane foam are covered in waterproof fabric and have removable covers. The sofa modules can also be used as poufs and combined in various configurations.

The Aldìa coffee tables complete the open-air living area, with their striking surfaces furrowed by fragments of natural stone. The agile structure in painted metal with a pewter finish frames the top, which is available in the palladiana version, formed by fragments of walnut travertine marble embedded in a mixture of marble powder and grit, in the tuff and limestone versions. Available in different sizes and heights, they have height-adjustable feet.

As far as tables are concerned, Aldìa offers rectangular or square elements that can be used individually or combined with each other. The tables, with their surfaces designed by fragments of natural stones, recall an ancestral naturalness. The light structure in painted metal with a pewter finish frames the top, which is available in the palladiana version, made from fragments of walnut travertine marble embedded in a mixture of marble powder and grit, in the tuff and limestone versions.

Fascinating and functional is then the Aldìa chair, characterised by armrests made of EVA rubber, a water-repellent polymer, ideal for outdoor use, available in white, sand, dark brown, brick, bally blue and grey.

Architetture en plein air: Aldìa di Giorgetti

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