As Cozy as a Smile: Happy Jack from Poltrona Frau

Compact, yet as cozy as a smile: Happy Jack is the new modular system sofa that Ludovica+Roberto Palomba dedicate to comfort by Poltrona Frau that wraps and caresses with soft forms and plush styling.

Compact and airy, it features curved, enveloping cushions and a concave armrest that evokes a relaxing smile. Designed for smaller urban residences and the contract sector, in the name of comfort and a high level of detail.

Soft, rounded and cozy, the Happy Jack sofa is an invitation to sit and feel enveloped by its shapes. The large cushions encourage relaxation and more informality, in a protective and comfortable dimension of living. Despite its small proportions, Happy Jack is an ode to comfort and lightness. Designed for dwellings with smaller spaces and for experiencing the essence of comfort even in different contract situations.

The Essence of Poltrona Frau’s New Happy Jack

Happy Jack reflects the contemporary lines and stylistic imprint of its authors, Ludovica+Roberto Palomba, so much so that it stands in direct relation to their Let it Be sofa, one of Poltrona Frau’s most successful products.

From that system Happy Jack cites the longitudinal crossbars, but reinterprets the generosity of its volumes in the sign of compactness and formal simplicity. Simplicity that is the result of a careful process of sizing the elements and of solutions, technical and visual, complex.

Compactness is achieved by eliminating the additional cushion backrest, developing a new seating modularity with reduced depth. The backrest and armrests are thus the exclusive elements to provide both support and comfort.

It is the idea of softness that shapes the geometries of the sofa and gives it its indistinguishable mark. Back and armrests, made of birch plywood, are designed already curved and ready to accommodate the body. And the armrest, flexing in the design, creates like a smile. The cushions are puffy, sculpted but soft, the result of careful work on the padding made of polyurethane foam at different densities and polyester wadding.

The sensation of softness also emphasized by the cushy-looking upholstery that is not overstretched, expressing in the manufacture all the manual skill and refined technicality of Poltrona Frau’s craftsmen.

The seat cushions, armrests and backrest can be made in fabric, fully removable, matching the leather of the frame; or entirely in Pelle Frau®, removable in the seat cushion part. Upholstery stitching is matching in the case of leather and contrasting in the fabric upholstery.

Happy Jack is available as a linear or modular chaise-longue seat. The support frame, made of drawn aluminum covered in Pelle Frau® leather, suspends the sofa from the floor, giving it levity and elegance. The base is complemented by a cast aluminum foot painted Brunito and Rutenium, which remains visually suspended from the crosspiece, creating a shading that enhances the perception of lightness.

Ludovica and Roberto Palomba

The project,” say Ludovica and Roberto Palomba, “takes up the theme of the triclinium, a lucky intuition that decreed the success of Let it Be, one of Poltrona Frau’s best sellers. A distinctive feature of Happy Jack is the armrest that, as it flexes, generates a real ‘smile,’ hence the name: an undoubtedly positive graphic sign that combines well with the idea of comfort. Happy Jack is ‘easy’, contained in its proportions and attentive to eco-technological solutions, such as the use of aluminum and the ability to easily disassemble its elements.

It is aimed not only at a young audience, which winks at contained urban spaces and wants products that are easy to use and welcoming, but also, because of its transversality, at contract spaces.”

Poltrona Frau

As Cozy as a Smile: Happy Jack from Poltrona Frau

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