Atelier by Abimis: The Kitchen Fit for a Chef at Le Suite di Palazzo Segreti

Le Suite di Palazzo Segreti, an exclusive boutique hotel nestled in the center of Milan, in the dynamic and trendy Porta Garibaldi district, welcomes its guests as it usually does in a large residence, with refined apartments equipped with every comfort, where everyone can enjoy both privacy and common spaces dedicated to relaxation and conviviality. In this special ‘hub’ of Milanese hospitality, the aim is to create an ideal synergy between accommodation and entertainment, linking public and private environments.

Abimis’ Atelier represents the focal and ‘social’ element of the Palazzo’s large hall/kitchen, a cozy space where customers can dabble in the kitchen or where, occasionally, professional chefs entertain guests with curious and surprising show cooking.

Andrea Campi, a chef from Valtellina by adoption, has brought his culinary art to Palazzo Segreti, and the Atelier kitchen, with a configuration that allows maximum freedom of movement for those cooking, promoting conviviality during the preparation of recipes, has become the tool to express it.

Atelier Abimis

Atelier is presented here as a long rectangular island with essential lines, squared doors with no handles, thin grooves, and a blade top, features that recall the typical design of large professional catering equipment.

Entirely made of AISI 304 stainless steel, the kitchen is defined by a large work surface, cooking area, washing area, oven, refrigerator, compartments, and drawers for storing food and various working tools. The kitchen also ‘extends’ within an alcove, occupied by the refrigerator, and where a second cooking and washing station, complete with upper wall cabinets, and a module equipped with chests of drawers with wall shelves have been created.

In this particular context, which ideally combines a familiar atmosphere with that of hospitality value and cooking, Andrea Campi was able to showcase his art through the use of a kitchen designed to inhabit domestic environments, but capable of ensuring the same functionality and performance as professional kitchens.

Professional Designer Kitchens

In fact, Abimis kitchens are the result of the study of the movements and needs of the chef in order to offer tailor-made solutions, from an aesthetic, dimensional, and efficiency point of view, to those who cook for passion. The main objective, in addition to being able to count on a high-performance product, is to simplify the five phases of cooking – preserving, preparing, cooking, serving, and washing – making them easy and seguential.

In addition to this goal, there are all the other features that make every Abimis kitchen a professional concept: they are fully customizable, made of the same steel used in the restaurant industry, guarantee maximum hygiene and ergonomics, allow for optimizing the spaces, functions, and activities, and are prepared to accommodate different types of appliances.


Atelier by Abimis: The Kitchen Fit for a Chef at Le Suite di Palazzo Segreti

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