Baglio di Pianetto’s Environmentally Sustainable Rosé: Baiasyra 2022

Baglio di Pianetto’s Baiasyra, made from the Baroni Estate’s Syrah grapes, becomes an ever more environmentally sustainable rosé, with its new vintage featuring an innovative closure system.

Baglio di Pianetto, which has always made attention to the environment a priority, takes another step toward protecting the planet by choosing the new Nomarcorc Ocean closure made by Vinventions using recycled plastic waste, called Ocean Bound Plastic (OBP), destined to end up in the sea.

“We welcomed with great enthusiasm the idea of being among the first in the world to experiment with the Nomacorc Ocean cap with our Baiasyra,” comments Dante Bonacina, newly appointed CEO of the Sicilian company founded by Count Paolo Marzotto in 1997, “because the project fully reflects the practices oriented toward environmental sustainability that have always been the mission of Baglio di Pianetto. In fact, we believe that joining Vinventions in this activity is further confirmation of our concrete commitment, from the vineyard to the bottle.”

Eco-sustainability is part of Baglio di Pianetto’s DNA: the entire production is certified organic and helps to maintain the physical-chemical integrity of the soils, preserving their biodiversity and fertility. At the same time, the winery safeguards water resources by recovering and reusing rainwater. The Santa Cristina Gela winery, with its vertical development, allows the use of the force of gravity for processing, allowing important energy savings.

A third-generation photovoltaic system, moreover, guarantees 70% energy independence by considerably lowering Co2 emissions. To these virtuous examples of sustainability, Baglio di Pianetto combines the continuous search for cutting-edge techniques to progressively reduce its environmental impact.

Baiasyra IGT Terre Siciliane 2022 is a rosé wine produced from pure Syrah grapes, grown with certified organic practices in the Baroni Estate in Noto, in a terroir where the proximity to the sea and the mild climate provide delicacy and finesse in the aromas, as well as sapidity and drinkability on the palate. This vintage’s grape harvest took place between late August and early September. After a careful selection of the clusters and cold pressing, fermentation took place in stainless steel for three weeks at low temperatures, followed by aging sur lies for four months.

On the nose, Baiasyra has crisp red fruit and citrus aromas, delicate floral notes, and a Mediterranean herbal imprint. The palate has very pleasant savory nuances, as well as silkiness and freshness. It is a pairing wine par excellence, perfect for early summer sunsets, which makes versatility at the table one of its most interesting qualities since it can accompany aperitifs as well as fish soups, vegetables, fresh cheeses, pizza, and shellfish.

Baglio di Pianetto

Baglio di Pianetto’s Environmentally Sustainable Rosé: Baiasyra 2022

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