Star recipe Barzotto Mountain Egg

A dish with mountain flavors mixed in an evocative and elegant combination: Barzotto mountain egg, marinated in Ferrari Perlé Rosé, turnips and Trentingrana, a recipe created by Michelin star chef Edoardo Fumagalli of Locanda Margon in Ravina in Trento.

Ingredients for four people

For the egg

Eggs: 4
Multicolored beets: 200 g
Chervil: 10 g
Dill: 10 g
Edible flowers: to taste

For marinating the egg

Trentodoc Rosé: 300 g
Brown sugar: 80 g
Salt: 12 g
Ginger: 80 g

For the glaze

Milk: 300 g
Trentingrana DOP: 150 g
Beet juice: to taste
Salt: to taste
Pepper: to taste
Trentodoc Rosé: 30 g
A recipe infused with the notes of a great wine
Ferrari Perle Rose Riserva 2015

Procedure for recipe Barzotto Mountain Egg

First, cook each egg for four minutes in plenty of boiling water, then cool them promptly in water and ice: the white will be firmed while the yolk is still liquid. Remove the eggs from their shells and dip them into the marinade previously prepared by mixing all the ingredients provided. Allow them to marinate for six hours for this recipe.

For the glaze

Heat the milk bringing it to 85 °C. Take it off the heat and add 150 g of Trentingrana and let it melt. Once creamy, add the beet juice until pink and season with salt and pepper to taste. Finish with a splash of Trentodoc Rosé.

Finally, cook the multicolored beets in plenty of salted water, peel them and cut out wedges that will be sauteed in a pan with a knob of butter, salt and a dash of vegetable broth.


Arrange the beets in a circle in a soup plate and garnish with dill, chervil and edible flower petals. Warm the eggs directly in the marinade at 73 °C for 10 minutes, then remove them from the liquid and cover with plenty of warm Trentingrana glaze. Finally, carefully lay each egg in the center of the dish.

Locanda Margon

Star recipe Barzotto Mountain Egg

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