Bottega Dani Cuts a New Format

A new project created by the award-winning pizza chef Gabriele Dani: Bottega Dani expands its format, positioning itself as an innovative gastronomic destination dedicated to pizza and leavened products.

The Bottega’s new dynamic is a single concept encompassing all of Gabriele Dani’s pizzas and leavened products with cutting-edge cocktail pairings in a completely renovated location. These are the ingredients of the renovated Bottega Dani in Cecina.

Gabriele Dani, an expert leavening and pizza maker who has already achieved both public and critical acclaim with the consecration of Gambero Rosso’s stellar three-slice rating, has realised his dream of “reuniting” his “home” in Bottega Dani.

The previous format of Disapore La Pietra Pizzeria Gourmet, which made him famous, and the new format of Bottega Dani, dedicated to the first 100% Tuscan pizza, will unite in a single location from mid-February.

The New Format

Bottega Dani will become the only headquarters for the master pizza maker and all his products, with a space and an offers dedicated to all the leavened products, types of pizza, and toppings interpreted by Gabriele. There is also room for aperitifs and cocktail pairings prepared by Nadia d’Ancona, as well as the first “pizza table” dedicated to a gastronomic journey through the various styles of pizza, dough and leavened products. For Gabriele this was one of his key goals – giving his customers the utmost attention and allowing them to enjoy the quality of all his products.

For the new location, Gabriele chose an old farmhouse in Cecina in the province of Livorno, completely restyling it into a contemporary location with refined design. Bottega Dani is now a place where diners can enjoy a real experience in the world of leavened products or choose among the many styles of pizza proposed by Gabriele Dani: fried pizza, pizza with real or traditional Neapolitan dough, steamed Gourmet pizza, inspired by Asian bread-making techniques, contemporary pizzas with semi-integral and multi-grain stone-ground flour, the Piciaccia, the first 100% Tuscan pizza created by Gabriele, with a brand new recipe that rediscovers the tradition of the schiacciata, revisiting it to make it a pizzeria product, characterised by beautiful dimples, crunchiness, and fragrance, and served with exclusively Tuscan toppings.

The pizzas come in several styles, all ensuring the same lightness, digestibility and healthiness. Doughs, characterised by high hydration, use of flours with low protein content and sourdough, calibrated cooking to guarantee the perfect crunchiness and softness according to the type of pizza selected, use of top quality ingredients, with particular attention to artisanal and local products chosen personally by Gabriele Dani, and innovative toppings that transport the great classics of cuisine onto pizza or re-interpret the most popular pizzas of Italy.

The Pizza Table

April will see the launch of Bottega Dani’s brand new feature: the Pizza Table, a lounge where diners can enjoy a shared and narrated sensory dive into the world of leavened products. A tasting of each of Gabriele Dani’s pizzas, guided directly by him – each with cocktail pairings. The table is bookable exclusively in a reserved area of Bottega Dani.

“The experience I want to propose represents a synthesis of my professional and personal path,” explains Gabriele. “[It’s] what I have studied, tasted, seen and experienced and that which has become a fixed point in my life and in my creations. My bread, fried pizza, traditional Neapolitan pizza, different proposals for contemporary pizzas characterised by different textures, crispy soft, steamed, and refined combinations. My aim is to be able to convey emotions beyond that of making you delicious pizzas.”

Bottega Dani Cuts a New Format

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