A Brilliant Success: Milan’s Design Week Returns

A grand success – the return of Milan’s world-renowned Design Week with Salone del Mobile Milano, was met with much-awaited delight as it concluded its first complete and live event in three years.

The 60th Edition of Salone del Mobile

Celebrating its 60th edition the fair is the most important international calendar moment in the design industry. This year saw exhibitions in the area of Rho, a SloneSatellite focused on young designers who reflected on the themes of interaction, movement, and autonomy, and a huge installation dedicated to the future of home living dubbed Design with Nature. Overall, Milan Design Week extended around the entire city with events illuminating this cosmopolitan metropolis for a full week.

With a turnout beyond expectations, the return of this beloved moment in the world of design marked a determination to reconfirm an entire industry as an emblem of what the talents of humanity worldwide are capable of conquering together.

“The 60th edition of the Salone del Mobile Milano was an international success and there is great satisfaction at having exceeded expectations. The attendance figures represent an exceptional result for which we have worked so hard. This edition has confirmed the international scope of the event and the cohesion of the design community,” commented Maria Porro, President of the Salone del Mobile Milano

Opened by an inaugural greeting from Italy’s President Sergio Mattarella, Design Week 2022 was attended by more than 262,000 people – a result that affirms the vivacity of Milan itself and the catalyzing force of the event.

“An important result that demonstrates the health and value content of the Salone del Mobile, proving how the ability to work as a team of an entire sector and its creative and productive fabric can produce excellence, with great results even in the most complex moments at the international level. We invested in quality and demonstrated the desire to continue to produce innovation and tell the stories of our companies and products. We have been the engine that has rekindled the city in the best possible way, with which the relationship is always very close,” added Porro.

Design Week by the Numbers

Numbers were stellar with exhibitions by 2,175 brands – 27% of which were from outside of Italy and 600 of which were upcoming new talent. Events also saw the presence of 3,500 journalists and  262,608 attendees from 173 countries.

“The contribution of ICE, which has supported us in opening up to new markets, has been invaluable and indispensable, and the role of digitalization has been crucial, which, in this week as in previous months, has allowed us both to get in touch with new countries and to keep strong the relationship with those who have not been able to reach us,” she explained.

“I would like to thank everyone for their commitment: the companies that got back into the game, the organizers, the fitters, and the designers who, together, believed in the event. We trust that this edition has given new energy to the sector and to Milan and that everyone has perceived the enthusiasm and the will to offer a global and conscious experience, in which what counts are ideas and cultural exchange, knowing that thinking about the future and also about the new generations with the SaloneSatellite is the way to build value over time,” concluded the President.

A Brilliant Success: Milan’s Design Week Returns

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