Tempio del Brunello: A Temple Dedicated to the King of Italian Wines

Take an immersive trip to the land of Montalcino, home of Brunello, and discover the secrets and history of one of Italy’s most distinctive wines. The Tempio del Montalcino is a complete journey through time and territory that will enrich any itinerary to the region.

Located inside the monumental complex of Sant’Agostino di Montalcino, this temple dedicated to one of Italy’s most famous red wine regions, takes visitors on an immersive and emotional journey of discovery that merges history, archaeology, art, culture, commerce, and craftsmanship.

The Concept

The project is promoted by the Consorzio del Vino Brunello di Montalcino and was brought to life by Opera Laboratori, a leading company in museum service that also works with the Uffizi and Vatican Museums, as well as the Archaeological Park of Pompei and Herculaneum. 

This unique museum dedicated to Brunello and its territory within Tuscany was established with the objective of giving anyone a chance to get an in-depth look at Montalcino, one of the most important wine regions of the world through an innovative experience that articulates both Brunello and its territory. Thorough and alluring, the tour takes its visitors into the story of Brunello and brings them onto the millenary history, archaeology, artistic heritage, landscape, and other precious products of this generous land.

Through the implementation of the most advanced technology, the Tempio del Brunello manages to communicate the iconic charm of this region’s remarkable landscape and its vocation to wine.

“We are convinced that the journey of wine does not end with a glass,” explains the president of the Consorzio del Vino Brunello di Montalcino Fabrizio Bindocci. “It is more and more an important phenomenon also from a cultural point of view. This project makes us enthusiastic because the Tempio del Brunello is not only a modern and interactive museum but also an experience deeply representative of its territory that gives added value to the promotional activity that the Consorzio itself already carries out for the whole socio-economic system of Montalcino.”

Learning About Brunello and Montalcino

The visitor’s experience at l’Oro di Montalcino begins in the former convent and monumental complex of Sant’Agostino, the thousand-year-old cultural heart of the city. The ancient complex, which dates back to the thirteenth century when the presence of the first Augustinian fathers was documented in Montalcino, is located next to the church dedicated to Saints Philip and James, known as Saint Augustine, a treasure trove of precious frescoes of the Sienese school of the second half of the fourteenth century.

The welcoming and meditative dimension of InChiostro, the first covered cloister of the building, represents the starting point of the various experiential routes. From here, guests are guided inside the church of Sant’Agostino to see its historical and artistic beauties.

The visit continues inside the underground Archaeological Museum and then enters the Civic and Diocesan Museum Collections – a precious collection of wooden statues and gold works from the Siena school, now owned by the municipality, each originally from the churches of the ancient diocese. The setting is embellished by a large collection of 13th-century archaic majolica and ancient works from the nearby Abbey of Sant’Antimo.

From InChiostro the experience of discovering the verdant territory of Montalcino begins. Stations with virtual reality displays called InVolo, immerse visitors in villas and castles and bring them through breathtaking views of the urban center and small villages of the vast and diverse territory.

Passing through the open cloister once called the summer cloister of the convent, guests descend into the temple, traveling down a staircase. The slow change in depth and climate, from light to darkness, with the echoing sounds of the cellar rising, not only immerse the visitors in sensation but also suggest the ‘gradation’ of the wine itself – the deeper the affiliation of Brunello to the territory of Montalcino, the more conscious and distinctive the personality of the wine.

The Temple of Brunello is organized in the underground rooms of the former convent, adjacent to the headquarters of the Consorzio del Vino Brunello. Here guests can discover the secret of Brunello, the true King of the territory, as they learn about the four pillars, or founding concepts that are at the base for the uniqueness of Montalcino wine: the soil, the biodiversity of the territory, the climate, and the work of the people.

The third subterranean environment, supported by deep arches similar in shape to an upside-down goblet, is called Calix. Here, through the technique of mapping, guests find themselves engaged in an experience of strong emotional impact surrounded by awe-inspiring artistic masterpieces – expressions of the inspiration and creative work of Montalcino.

Rewarding the Senses

As visitors once again ascend, they arrive in the light of the uncovered cloister where they can conclude their experience talking about culture, art, and wine while sipping a glass of Brunello at the Enoteca Bistrot Caffetteria del Tempio del Brunello.

Moving from Inchiostro back to the exit four video interviews will illustrate the other treasures of Montalcino: honey, saffron, oil, and truffles. Guided by experts Federico Ciacci, Marzio Saladini, Carlo Alberto Bindi, and Paolo Valdambrini, the unique characteristics of these products, along with their history and tradition are highlighted.

A wine shop offering a plethora of information and recommendations rounds out the experience and gives visitors an opportunity to bring a taste of Montalcino back home.

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Tempio del Brunello: A Temple Dedicated to the King of Italian Wines

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