CARPINETour: 4 Italian Travel Destinations in Italy Dedicated to the Wines of Summer

Discover four Italian travel inspirations perfect for wine lovers this summer. From the majestic Dolomites, to the sunshine of the Tuscan shores, and on to the vibrance of Rome and the cool blues of the Ionian Sea, Carpineto’s CARPINETour suggestions are sure to entice dreams of summer travel.

Vermentino Valcolomba Carpineto in Capalbio

A single sandy shoreline that runs uninterrupted for miles and miles, with crystal-clear water and dense Mediterranean shrubland. Ideal for kite surfing or horseback riding on the sand. The wildest stretch, toward Macchiatonda, is the perfect setting for a picnic. All that matters is that the glass has Vermentino Valcolomba Cru in it, the scent of the sea, the freshness of the winds, and the sunshine of Maremma. It is at its best when served with raw fish and seafood tapas.

Dogajolo Rosato Carpineto in Rome

The capital city always remains a popular vacation destination – absolute, sunny to the core, almost brash, and extreme in August. Yet Rome seduces once again, all the more when scanning the historic skyline while sitting on a rooftop enjoying a glass of rosé, perhaps even in a cocktail version. In particular try the Frozen Dogajolo, made with Dogajolo Rosato and red fruits, perfect from sunset onward when the colors in the glass pick up those of the sky.

Dogajolo Rosso Carpineto in San Vito di Cador

In the heart of the Belluno Dolomites, at the foot of majestic mountains, including the King of the Dolomites, Mount Antelao, 3,264 m high, San Vito stands within a verdant setting ideal for both those with mountaineering ambitions and those who choose to trek with perhaps a Dogajolo Rosso in their backpack for a gourmet stop simply observing the peaks and a slow sip paired with a Malga cheese before resuming the journey.

Brunello di Montalcino Carpineto in Passignano sul Trasimeno

The setting is that of a small fishing village on that lake where the ancient medieval hamlet stretches out silently. The beach, the waters so gentle and silent make it an ideal landscape for fishing and meditating, but just move a little further and the landscape becomes almost rustic, the green Umbrian countrysidedominates, and the snack board becomes robust and flavorful, worthy of pairing with a Brunello.

Dogajolo Bianco Carpineto in Roccella Jonica

Overlooking a gentle curve of the Costa dei Gelsomini, Roccella Ionica is mirrored on a strip of the Ionian Sea so clean and limpid whose contrast with the white sand creates a Caribbean effect made all the more striking by the green hills in the background. Don’t miss an aperitif of Dogajolo Bianco while sitting in one of the many small bars on the ever-glam marina, especially during the Roccella Jazz Festival – Rumori Mediterranei.


CARPINETour: 4 Italian Travel Destinations in Italy Dedicated to the Wines of Summer

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