Christmas in the style of Ichendorf Milano

Ethereal objects with essential beauty, enlivened by touches of color and Christmas symbols: Here are Ichendorf Milano’s signature holiday gift ideas for this coming Christmas. The brand that has reinvented tableware, creates magical collections that capture the minds of “kids from 1 to 92,” as the Christmas Song so aptly says.

Woodland Tales Ichendorf Milano – A Whimsical Christmas Gift

The well-known Woodland Tales collection in handmade and lampwork molded borosilicate glass, designed by Alessandra Baldereschi, loosely inspired by children’s tales by various authors, expands with tumblers, mugs, pitchers, bottles, place cards, hourglasses, Christmas balls and a saucer. New ones are added to the well-known protagonists, each object is a short story, invented tales with a light and poetic tone. A fantastic narrative meant to recall carefree times, the ingredients of this journey are the forest, the animals and the village.

Tabby Cat Ichendorf Milano – A Precious Christmas Gift

The Tabby Cat line in handmade and lampwork molded borosilicate glass, conceived and designed by Milanese designer Alessandra Baldereschi, has the beloved cat as its protagonist: Ichendorf’s exceptional craftsmanship makes the animal that has always been present in our homes a dynamic inhabitant of the products, on which it climbs, descends and crouches. Accompanying the kitty, hosted by some products, is a pink fish that completes the harmony of shapes and colors in this collection. The collection consists of tumblers, pitchers, Christmas balls, a mug and a bottle.

Sweet & Candy Ichendorf Milano – A Playful Christmas Gift

Sweet & Candy is reminiscent of the carefree sweetness of childhood Christmases, featuring iconic protagonists such as the pastry, lollipop and marzipan man. The collection consists of tumblers, Christmas balls, a pitcher, and a saucer, which catapult us into a dream world thanks to their sweet colorful elements.

Alice Ichendorf Milano – A Whimsical Holiday Gift

The imagination of the Milanese designer transports us to Wonderland, the fantastic world conceived by Lewis Carroll that has been capturing the imagination of children for more than 150 years and lives on in the hearts of adults around the world. An imaginative journey that leads us to the discovery of wonderful borosilicate creations that are meant to accompany us for tea, dinner or even just coffee. The collection consists of coffee cups, teaspoons, boxes, vases, Christmas balls, candle holders, place cards, bottles, pitchers, mugs, a riser, a teapot and a sugar bowl.

Ichendorf Milano

Christmas in the style of Ichendorf Milano

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