A Quest for the Purest of Beauty

A constant convergence of tradition and innovation and the pursuit of beauty in its purest forms enlivens Ichendorf Milano’s new signature collections, a series of ethereal glass objects that enter homes with delicacy, elegance and brilliance, finding their natural and intended place.

Bamboo Groove Ichendorf Milano

The Bamboo Groove collection of handmade and lampworked borosilicate glass, designed by Anna Perugini, known for her transparent colorful vases in a variety of sizes, is expanded to include pitchers, tumblers and drinking glasses. This time too, the designer is inspired by Japanese bamboo, going on to create products perfect for brightening and embellishing different types of tables.

Ice Ichendorf Milano

The Ice line, designed by Denis Guidone, is inspired by the unpredictable plays of light that can be admired when looking at a block of ice. The line is characterized by irregular shapes, as if melting over time. Each product will have a unique shape, as a result of the use of a particular and distinctive centrifuged glass. The collection consists of glass, sake glasses, cup, pitcher, small plate, sweet plate, flat plate, oval plate.

Levels Ichendorf Milano

Levels is an elegant collection of jugs and glasses in which the juncture line between two pieces of glass is expressed to create delicate variations on surfaces of the same color. This line in handmade borosilicate glass and shaped using a lamp work technique, designed by Chiara Onida, is capable of adapting to different moods, bringing refined plays of color to tables. The collection consists of carafes, tumblers, drinking glasses and cups.

Mediterraneo Ichendorf Milano

With the Mediterraneo collection, characterized by essential shapes and the purest of materials, Ichendorf offers objects with a contemporary and versatile style: ideal for adding a touch of personality to the table. The line is composed of a carafe, made of handmade borosilicate glass and shaped by lampwork, designed by Alessandra Baldereschi, as well as three different glasses in two colors.

Times Ichendorf Milano

Ichendorf expands the collection of well-known Times hourglasses, made of handmade and lampwork-molded borosilicate glass – best known in their transparent and tinted versions. The collection, designed by Denis Guidone, is inspired by Einstein’s Relativity: the two elements that make up the hourglass are deliberately asymmetrical to make visible the concept of the dilation of time and space linked to speed. This year a new color combination, dark green and clear, is added and is offered in two sizes: five and fifteen minutes.

Fantasia Collections Ichendorf Milano

The lines designed by Alessandra Baldereschi, in lampworked and handcrafted borosilicate glass, are expanded, allowing for a light-hearted return to the days of childhood and a deeper connection with Nature.

Animal Farm Collections

Animal Farm, the now well-known collection populated by animals imagined and designed by Alessandra Baldereschi, continues to grow with the introduction of six cups, a teapot and a dome. The protagonists of these novelties are the turtle, hedgehog, rabbit, bird and owl. The line continues to amplify its imaginative and whimsical touch, with the animals represented in imaginative colors selected by the designer.

The Desert Plants Collection

The Desert Plants collection, famous for its small glass sculptures of succulent plants enhanced with details and colors from Baldereschi’s imagination, continues to grow, this time with champagne glasses, elegant boxes and an hourglass. The boxes, objects of both design and utility, come in four versions featuring different sizes and details. The champagne glass, supported by the plant, is presented in six different colors. The hourglass, the perfect gift, features inside one of the two cruets a small, elegant cactus that displays Ichendorf’s craftsmanship.

The Fruits & Flowers Collection

The Fruits & Flowers range also doubles, for the designer emblems of flora and fauna that are true bursts of energy. The imaginative line grows with paperweights, place cards, stemware and a riser and features the apple, pear, strawberry and other objects to be discovered.

The Greenwood Collection

The Greenwood collection is inspired by the woods in different seasons, translating into colors the precious gifts that nature offers. The line, created in 2014 and made of handmade borosilicate glass molded into lampwork, grows with the new cupola. The elegant design object is transparent and topped with delicate colored berries.

Marine Garden Collection

Marine Garden instead transports one to the depths of a pristine and remote underwater realm. The line expands with six straws, characterized by the presence on one end of a small fish that evokes an inaccessible and exclusive corner of the world, and with six drink glasses in which small aquatic animals, the stars of the collection, encounter seaweed.

The Memories Collection

Finally, the Memories collection features the borosilicate perfumer from the aforementioned Greenwood line, the diffuser sticks and the new Ichendorf fragrances, created to transport the senses to faraway places immersed in nature with jasmine, bamboo, cedar, orient, lavender and pomegranate notes, are the proposals of this line that are the result of research by selected Italian partners into the world of scents and emotions.

Ichendorf Milano

A Quest for the Purest of Beauty

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