Christmas by Chef Daniel Canzian

All the delicious flavors of Italy’s holiday dessert tradition are wrapped up in “MI.O” panettone, the classic holiday dessert created by Daniel Canzian.

Characterized by softness and distinctive aromas, “MI.O” well represents the elements of the Conegliano Veneto chef’s philosophy, combining the simplicity typical of his cuisine with innovative elements that define a contemporary proposal in continuous evolution. Giving refined aromatic scents to this special panettone is the chef’s iconic Roasted Orange Paste, which, combined with the dough, makes for an extreme fluffiness.

“MI.O” – whose name recalls the hometown of panettone – was created in 2019 from the collaboration between Daniel Canzian and Albertengo – a brand known in Italy and abroad for the production of top-notch leavened products – with a recipe that changes and evolves over the years while maintaining high quality and attention to the selection of raw materials at the center.

The Creation of MI.O Panettone

Today “MI.O” is a classic panettone, exceptionally soft, characterized by an alveolatura that encloses the chef’s Roasted Orange Paste, a preparation made from oranges, Navel or Tarocco, and almond oil, without preservatives, and a very low percentage of sugar (no more than 10 percent), one of the iconic products of the Daniel Canzian Emporium, which releases a unique and recognizable fragrance with every slice. The result is a surprising softness that gives a refined fragrance. In its simplicity, the “MI.O” panettone perfectly represents the chef’s philosophy: essential and classic, capable of telling the story of Italy from North to South, combining in a single recipe the citrus scent of the Mediterranean and the Milanese Christmas tradition.

At Daniel Canzian in Milan

For those wishing to get an up close and personal look, the restaurant At Daniel Canzian in Milan, starting November 19th and for every Saturday until December 18th, will be offering the perfect moments to discover “MI.O” on the occasion of “The Panettone Days,” – special appointments during which diners can have breakfast with panettone designed by the chef.

Among the other iconic products of the Daniel Canzian Emporium, perfect as gourmet gift ideas, in addition to the roasted orange paste, is Ancestrale Due Valli, an exclusive label of Brut Nature produced in the Conegliano – Valdobbiadene Docg – and designed Daniel Canzian. A limited production with zero dosage, naturally refermented in the bottle, it is the perfect wine to pair with “MI.O” panettone.


Daniel Canzian

Christmas by Chef Daniel Canzian

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