At One with Nature: The Outdoor Furniture Collection from Roda

Step outside and breath in a sense of harmony and calm with outdoor furniture inspired by the beauty that only nature can hold. Roda creates a series of collections designed to enhance the balance of dialogue between the home and the garden with perfectly narrated pieces.

Elegant and comfortable outdoor furniture that can give life to an oasis of tranquility where we can enjoy moments of calm and relaxation.

Roda brings the outdoor collections to life: Astra, the never-before-seen family of reclining armchairs and sofas in aluminum and rope designed by Rodolfo Dordoni; Gordon Guillaumier’s modular collection in iroko wood Eolie, a system of “islands of relaxation” created by the aggregation of sun loungers, small tables, canopies or gazebos; Estendo, the new modular sofa with an aluminum frame designed by Luca Pevere; Eden, the sofa system by Rodolfo Dordoni that adds natural teak wood to the bleached teak version; and Norma, the outdoor kitchen, which this year incorporates a three-grill BBQ on a trolley as an alternative to the classic cooktop.

Levante, the family entirely made of teak by Piero Lissoni, also never stops getting richer: a round table and a square one will both be available in two sizes. News also for Plein Air, the collection of aluminum tables by Michael Anastassiades that, while retaining an essential and elegant design, proposes a new armchair as a lounge version of the dining seat.

Astra Roda

“This is a self-telling design. It is a family of recliners that in its name suggests its use: Astra is for looking at the stars,” says designer Rodolfo Dordoni.

Astra includes two lounge chairs, with high or low backs, and two three-seater sofas, one of which has double depth.

The collection combines comfort and functionality: all elements are reclining, with the exception of the double-depth sofa designed already in the reclined position, and all are equipped with front wheels, which facilitate their mobility. The armrest, Astra’s signature element, features the combination of a double tube covered by the cords to ensure comfortable support.

The precise lines that extend horizontally into the backrest by joining the two aluminum tubulars create a geometric play of shadows that is reflected in the upholstery of the seat.

Astra is available in the colors of the Roda range: smoke and milk for the aluminum frame, combined with 7 mm ropes in all the variations in the catalog, both traditional and recycled. This combination of ropes and aluminum in the different color variants is able to meet every need, integrating lightly and elegantly into any context.

Eolie Roda

“Like the Aeolian archipelago scattered across the Mediterranean Sea, the Eolie series celebrates the fulfillment of secluded relaxation under the sun, with sun loungers, iroko wood complements, and Batyline awnings as light as clouds, conceived as individual pieces or aggregated for a terrace, poolside or seaside,” is how Gordon Guillaumier describes the modular Eolie outdoor collection, designed for Roda and including sun loungers, side tables, canopies and gazebos.

Eolie is developed around the succession of a wide wooden slats, both on the reclining lounger and on the side tables in two sizes, with two or three slats. As the name suggests, the loungers together with other elements such as side tables and canopies, aggregated together in a system, form true islands of comfort.

Created and conceived for private or contract outdoor furniture, Eolie fits perfectly in pool, boat or seashore areas, thanks also to the possibility of aggregation of the elements from which it is composed.

The lounger, which reclines in four positions, can be customized with a wide cushion to cover the entire surface, or a narrow one that leaves part of the slats uncovered, to be combined with the thicker armrest cushion. For shelter from the sun, a single rectangular canopy with batyline upholstery in Roda colors is available.

To create a true outdoor retreat, a gazebo, reminiscent of the typical cabana, shades a pair of side-by-side loungers in a cozy and private space. A further distinctive and innovative element of Eolie is the use of iroko wood, either natural or painted in different color variants; the water-based paint in desaturated shades of orange, gray, green and blue that graft and blend harmoniously into the surroundings, allows the wood grain to be left visible, with a natural effect.

Estendo Roda

Estendo is the new modular outdoor sofa with an aluminum frame, designed by Luca Pevere for Roda, a Made in Italy product of great elegance and comfort that unfolds in space with harmony.

“The inspiration came from observing a historical piece, the Japan Chair, designed by Danish designer Finn Juhl and its characteristic backrest in wooden rod. That chair, which I still consider to this day to be extremely modern, retains a tremendous rigor in its wooden structure that has always seemed to me to almost have to continue formally to the side. In Estendo I tried to give continuity to that sign by making it a distinctive element, a junction between the various seating modules and giving it the possibility to close in on itself with the armrest,” explains Luca Pevere.

The design idea of Estendo is to simplify the modules and cushions of the system by working on three “open” linear structures for one, two and three seats, with and without armrests, and a corner one, necessary for more articulated configurations.

The name Estendo, in fact, derives precisely from the possibility of extending the sofa by reconfiguring it, even at a later time, according to one’s needs. This is possible thanks to the open structure made of tubular: the two main profiles, placed at the front under the seat and at the end of the backrest, allow, just like rails, the connection of the various structures and thus the extension of the sofa thanks also to concealed joints in die-cast aluminum.

Completing each composition are two shaped tubes that, by joining the profiles, close the shape and give an aesthetic sense to the whole by acting as armrests. The aluminum frame is available in two finishes, smoke and milk.

Levante Roda

“Levante is a collection capable of speaking at the same time a classic and modern language. We used teak in a smart, hyper-industrial way, but the allure recalls the world of classic outdoor furniture. Teak is a material that even without great maintenance ages well over the years and seasons so, even from an aesthetic point of view, we can define Levante as timeless,” says Piero Lissoni speaking of Levante.

Created and conceived as a complete line for timeless outdoor furniture enhanced by the purity of teak, Levante is enriched again with two new tables, round and square, both made in two sizes, which join the rectangular table, the first product designed for this collection.

Levante tables feature a teak wood top with wide framed slats, to be combined with the comfortable chair with arms from the same collection or, crosswise, with other seats from the Roda proposal.

For fulfilling and comfortable outdoor living environments, the Levante sofa made in two sizes, with a cozy, wide seat, is pleasantly juxtaposed with two coffee tables equally generous in top size, characterized by the compact solidity of lines that recall the design of the dining table.

The sun lounger, with an elegant weave of horizontal and vertical slats, has a practical pull-out side table, made of metal, that can be used as a functional resting place for glasses or objects to keep handy during precious moments of rest.

Completing the collection are a lounge chair and a classic chaise longue, both folding, to better organize your space.

Adding notes of refined and precious softness, the soft cushions – expertly designed for enveloping comfort – can be coordinated and customized thanks to the rich range of fabrics in RODA’s offerings, including the new high-quality ecological acrylic yarns (obtained from recycled fibers and generated by processing that minimizes environmental impacts).

Teak, used to enhance the proportions and harmony of the design, emphasizes, in all its solidity, how the forms of the entire Levante family can fit into a functional yet elegantly beautiful outdoor context. The accurate and authentic style of the entire set allows for enriching environments by meeting every need, for the dining area as well as the relaxation area. A collection designed looking at a classic type of outdoor furniture but skillfully revisited in a contemporary key, to allow what in our imagination is the reassuring classic taste to be able to fit naturally into the most modern contexts.

Norma Outdoor Kitchen Roda

Norma is the outdoor kitchen made by Roda and designed by Rodolfo Dordoni. A product that also opens the company’s way to the world of cooking and provides the natural complement to an outdoor experiential context with a pure Italian flavor, which sees, and feels, in cooking one of the greatest pleasures. As a 2023 novelty, Norma offers a BBQ cart as an alternative to the classic stovetop, to satisfy every desire for conviviality and outdoor cooking.

“Cooking belongs to the pleasures of everyday life. We wanted to enrich the atmosphere we have always given to outdoor living through product lines that are as complete as possible, adding an outdoor kitchen as well. Norma is a product conceived with an all-Italian sensibility, intended to enhance our passion for cooking combined with the functionality and quality of good design,” explains Rodolfo Dordoni.

Norma stands out for being the accomplished combination of elegant profiles and high-level performance; a complete kitchen, enhanced by a characterizing aggregability, as well as by the durable and high-performance outdoor finishes and materials, typical of Roda’s reality and experience.

Born from the collaboration with ILVE – an Italian company specializing in the production of professional kitchens for domestic use, with a vocation for technological innovation and attention to detail – Norma is a synthesis of authentic values shared between the two Italian companies: the care for the ‘beautiful and well made’, the attention to personal well-being and the commitment to make quality time to spend. Norma is modular and versatile by nature: its independent structure makes it adaptable and modular for both contained outdoor spaces and larger rooms with articulated furniture.

The freestanding island, made in Roda’s distinctive Smoke color, houses the AISI 304 steel sink block – with doors also available in Rust and Milk colors – which is grafted into the durable Lapitec® top with a textured finish; a special compartment underneath can also hold the refrigerator upon request. The peninsula offers an extension of the work area, which stretches out to form a suspended overhead plane that can be used as a dining area, to sit with a high stool as if at a counter.

The five-burner gas-fueled cooktop-with a central dual-crown burner and Dual technology, two small burners in front and two medium burners in back-lives independently of the other units in the kitchen and can have fixed feet or casters, so the entire element can be moved freely wherever desired and stored under the peninsula work area when needed. The compartment at the bottom of the stove, with shelves made of larch slats, and a practical tool-hanging bar allow accessories to be conveniently available at all times. Optional features include stainless steel griddles and wooden cutting boards that fit neatly over the countertop.

The Norma BBQ cart is equipped with three grills that, like the cooktop, are fueled by a gas cylinder. It also provides a choice of two covers, one for indirect cooking, with temperature detector, a lower cover that allows the BBQ to be protected when not in use and placed under the NORMA 003 peninsula.

With Norma, RODA offers the opportunity to cook well and experience the conviviality of meals and their preparation, ensuring design harmony in a carefully coordinated outdoor environment.

Plein Air Roda

“I come from a Mediterranean culture, so for me there is no real division between indoor and outdoor environments. Even though Plein Air is an outdoor table, if I suddenly wanted to imagine it inside the house as well, I could, because there is nothing that defines it as solely outdoor furniture,” so Michael Anastassiades on the Plein Air collection.

A square-shaped table and a small rectangular table are the two new table sizes that join the four variations in the Plein Air line. The frame, in an elegant smoke color or a delicate milk shade, can be combined with the top composed of a single slab of stoneware, which is now available in three brand new nuances lead, sand and mole, good alternatives to better enhance the airiness of the top.

Characterized by confident geometries but with hints of roundness and softness, Plein Air dining tables convey a sense of rigor and, at the same time, harmony: the frame arises from a line that, starting from the table leg, rises to create a corner and then defines a rounded frame-with no visible joints. It is complexity made simple, a refined regular pattern designed for a collection that stands out for its sharpness of style and detail.

Thanks to the use of aluminum, which can be recycled an infinite number of times, and the choice of ceramics that are certified and produced with internationally recognized ecological criteria, Plein Air is rightfully among the products that well reflect Roda’s ethics and commitment to sustainable production.

The chair with tubular stainless steel armrests, which thanks to a skillful play of tension seems to be suspended in an effect of subtraction of volume, is in perfect continuity with the essential and refined style of the entire line of tables, and as a new 2023 novelty, Plein Air offers a new armchair as a lounge version of the dining chair and a footstool pouf, harmoniously completing any space.

Thus it is that in its desire to combine shapes, materials and finishes, the furniture designed by Michael Anastassiades is the result of a sober and refined sophistication, ideal protagonists of domestic, indoor and outdoor spaces.


At One with Nature: The Outdoor Furniture Collection from Roda

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