RODA’s Outdoor Happiness: Between Furniture Sustainability and Design

An increasingly conscious and responsible design reality, marked by the value of furniture sustainability, the continuity between “In&out” and the celebration of “outdoor happiness”: these are the hallmarks of RODA’s furniture.

Furniture Sustainability and Design from RODA

The collections, each an expression of a unique designer, are all part of the same idea of welcome and pleasantness.

Onda by Gordon Guillaumier

Onda, designed by Gordon Guillaumier, is a family of upholstered textile seating that includes chaise longue, armchair and ottoman. Soft and compact, Onda complements are characterized by enveloping comfort and an innovative waterproof upholstery system with excellent outdoor performance.

Mamba by Rodolfo Dordoni

Mamba, the collection of upholstered modular sofas designed by Rodolfo Dordoni, consists of six sinuous and elegant elements that can be combined with each other, which straddle the line between indoor and outdoor, and are available in all the fabric variants offered by RODA, even in the most vibrant colors.

Plein Air by Michael Anastassiades

Always designed for both outdoors and indoors, Plein Air by Michael Anastassiades is a collection consisting of chair with armrests and tables made in different sizes. Thanks to the use of materials that can be recycled countless times, such as aluminum, and the choice of certified ceramics produced with internationally recognized ecological criteria, Plein Air tables are among the products that best reflect RODA’s sustainable production.

Levante by Piero Lissoni

With a language that is both classic and modern, Levante is a complete collection designed by Piero Lissoni to fully experience the outdoors. Made entirely of teak, it includes a table available in two sizes, to be combined with a chair with armrests, and for more living and dining situations, a lounge-chair and a chaise longue.

Further enriching Levante is a comfortable sofa with a wide seat, accompanied by two coffee tables with compact lines, and a sun lounger from which a practical metal side support can be extracted.

Aspic by Gordon Guillaumier

Aspic, designed by Gordon Guillaumier, includes versatile side tables that can be used either individually or to make interlocking games. With a solid concrete frame and dotted top supported by sinuous vertical walls, the small tables are designed in three versions, two with round tops in two different sizes and a larger oval-shaped one.


RODA’s Outdoor Happiness: Between Furniture Sustainability and Design

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