A vibrant world of color and light in the Coralla Maiuri collections

On the occasion of the Biennale Arte 2024 (International Art Exhibition), Coralla Maiuri opens a temporary store in Venice which becomes an opportunity to present the Murrine and Florida tableware collections, late spring news, and the unique pieces of the Bottega d’Arte series.

Coralla Maiuri, roman artist and designer, opens in an exceptional location, Palazzo Contarini Polignac (sestiere Dorsoduro 872, a few steps from the Gallerie dell’Accademia), a temporary store where she brings her vibrant world made of colors, light and shapes in collections that first become artistic object, then evolving into elements that can be used in the daily life. In this wonderful early Renaissance frame, until the end of the year, the news 2024 come to life alongside the classics of the Tableware collections.

Coralla chooses Venice, Palazzo Contarini Polignac, main destination for art lovers, to pay homage to a city she always loved so much that she has also dedicated one of the news 2024 to it, the Murrine collection, whose inspiration comes precisely from the famous venetian glass, small circular spheres full of colors, like intricate kaleidoscopes. On the edges of her plates, Coralla’s murine open and break apart, scattering crystals like colored flowers seeds.

Coralla states: «I still haven’t understood what kind of effect these “Murrine” have on me, but they are winning me over more and more… I sway from the world of sweets to the most refined one, where beauty is hidden in these elusive, soft and celestial colors.»

This collection consists of four predominant colors: Yellow, Green, Lilac, and Gray. They convey joy, lightness, and harmony… A sensation that is enhanced by mixing the colors on the table.

Another novelty is the luxurious and cheerful Florida collection, inspired by the multi-colored American state famous for its strong character and colorful heritage. Each line is characterized by a color, and they are all inspired by the most famous places in Florida. Pink, Turquoise, Yellow, Green, Purple and Orange recall its beaches and its sunsets, stretching between the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean.

Coralla Maiuri’s creations seem to fall from the sky or emerge from the earth. Plates, bowls, pitchers, vases, jars, and centerpieces are all universes that reflect her unique art. Beside the tableware collection, the public will be able to enjoy Bottega d’Arte: vases and unique pieces of art for enthusiasts and collectors.

In this regard, Coralla states: «When I make my own unique pieces, I have no limits and it is not necessary to design something reproducible. I feel animated by an anarchic and visionary attitude, in which I use furnace, clay and material temperatures in an arbitrary way, with surprising and unexpected results. Although it is a sometimes bumpy route I treasure it and it benefits all my work.»

Since 2017, Coralla Maiuri has also been a company based in Rome, founded by Coralla and her husband Filippo, with the collaboration of their children and a group of passionate young artists and artisans.

A luxury brand of tableware, gifts, and unique pieces, characterized by a refined and contemporary style. Each prototype is conceived and painted personally by Coralla, who then instructs the decorators in the workshop to recreate works that are never identical to one another.

Coralla Maiuri’s collections can also be purchased online at corallamaiuri.com.

Coralla Maiuri

A vibrant world of color and light in the Coralla Maiuri collections

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