Creme Brulé with Blueberry Sorbet, Cherries and Meringues

A mouth-watering dessert perfect to enjoy at any time of the year as a sweet and creamy end to a meal: here is the recipe for Burnt Cream with Iced Blueberries, Cherries and Meringues, from the three-star Michelin chef Enrico Bartolini.

Ingredients for the Creme Brulé with Iced Blueberries, Cherries and Meringues

Fresh cream: 1 l
Egg yolk: 160 g
Sugar: 180 g
Lemon peel: 5 g
Tahiti vanilla: 4 g
Marsala reduced 70%: 35 g
Gelatin: 6 g
Fresh milk: 80 g

For the sorbet

Blueberries: 580 g
Syrup 18%: 200 g
Fresh ginger: 5 g
Lemon juice: 3 g
Albumen: 15 g

For the meringues

Albumen: 75 g
Caster sugar: 80 g
Icing sugar: 80 g
Citric acid: 0,5 g

For the cherries

Cherries: 1 kg
Sugar: 300 g
Mustard essence: 1 g
Water: 150 g
Arquebuse: 6 g
Grappa: 30 g
Brown sugar: to taste


For the Cream

Proceed with the cream as if making custard. Into the boiling cream pour the yolk-sugar mixture, lemon zest and bring to 82°C. While cooling add the vanilla, gelatin first soaked in cold water, and fresh milk. Strain and place in a siphon before it is completely cold. Insert two cream charges (oxygen) and shake well.

For the Sorbet

After cold mixing the ingredients manually, emulsify them in the sorbet maker for 15 minutes maximum. Before using, let stand and stir with a spatula.

For the Meringues Prepare the meringues and bake them in the traditional way (whip the egg whites with the sugars, and a few drops of lemon or citric acid). When firm, place on the baking sheet in the shape you prefer and dry at 90° until crumbly.

For the Cherries

Prepare the candied cherries by bringing the syrup a dozen times to 80° and each time letting it cool.

Serving the Creme Brulé

In the bottom of the container (copper pan) lay the cherries, meringues, then the sorbet and cream.

Then proceed with the finishing, caramelizing the brown sugar on the surface as for a creme Brulé with the help of the special flame or grating.

Enrico Bartolini

Creme Brulé with Blueberry Sorbet, Cherries and Meringues

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