Intersection’s Monomateric Appeal

Monolithic and linear: these are the intrinsic characteristics of Dada’s Intersection kitchen in the new monomateric version, a project characterized by the decision to use natural materials. The materiality of marble, with unique and unrepeatable details, finds a spectacular and unprecedented application, perfect to be welcomed in every home.

Vincent Van Duysen for Dada

Indeed, the appeal of the monolithic object composed of a single material inspired designer Vincent Van Duysen to apply this concept to his latest creation. A single material, natural stone, resulting in a unique, sculptural and architectural object.

A design that plays with proportions, thicknesses, and a mix of refined materials,” says Vincent Van Duysen.

A Kitchen with Strong Expressive Character

This kitchen implies, first of all, the choice of a suitable material for this purpose, natural stone, with the ever-unique characteristics that nature imparts to it, and secondly, the use of innovative technologies to achieve it.

As seen in the doors of the bases, which open effortlessly to ensure maximum functionality. Slabs of natural stone are processed and hollowed out using high-precision mechanical processes to lighten the panels and ensure their domestic use.

These single-material “shells,” which are subsequently applied to aluminum honeycomb panels, guarantee their lightness, stability and mechanical strength, allowing them to build doors at one with the side panels of the island. In addition, the materiality of natural stone, with its unique and unrepeatable appearance, enters the home with a spectacular application.

Intersection Presents Compositional Versatility

Intersection is a system that offers an infinite range of linear, corner island compositions, where surfaces and countertops create plays of light and shadow.

Intersection’s Monomateric Appeal

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