Metal Sculptures

Metal sculptures with a geometric design that exalts in both minimal and essential lines the workmanship of an imposing yet versatile raw material – these are the new tables by De Castelli.

Coste Collection De Castelli designed by Luca Pevere

Inspired by the art of origami, the Coste collection of tables and coffee tables is an exaltation of the metal-bending technique, an integral part of the brand’s production philosophy. The central base, which can be shaped in steel, brass, or copper, has a truncated cone shape and is composed of the juxtaposition of a folded module whose rib defines a succession of isosceles triangles.

The different tones of oxidation attributed to the different faces create a chiaroscuro effect that accentuates the volumes and emphasizes the verticality of the base, giving the perception that the circular top, in dark DeLabré stainless steel, rests on the sole tips of a crown.

Plateaux of Mirror De Castelli designed by Elisa Ossino

Sculptural presence and essential minimalism are the identifying characteristics of Plateaux of Mirror, a minimal and essential table designed by Elisa Ossino and composed of only three elements. The thick rectangular top rests on two large concave semi-cylinders that form its base.

The pure and monolithic lines are dictated first by functionality and technique and then by aesthetics, for a formal outcome that is the ultimate expression of rigor and essentiality associated with the harmony of volumes.

Vela designed by R&D De Castelli

Vela is a sculptural table that explores and enhances the different facets and possible applications of metal.

The imposing oval top in Venetian white marble seminato, made in collaboration with Laboratorio Morseletto, houses and guards small pieces of brass obtained from a “shattered” plate. The fragments drowned in marble become precious inserts of an ethereal composition of petals in the wind.

The two-dimensionality of the brass that distinguishes the top contrasts with the sculptural three-dimensionality of the base. Soft sinuous folds unfurl in alternating inlets that shape a complex truncated-conical volume, delicate and solid at the same time.

Metal Sculptures

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