The Sculptural Effect: Creations Between Art and Design

The new De Castelli collections, featured at the Salone del Mobile and Milan Design Week 2023 propose surfaces objects, and accessories fashioned between art and design with unexpected sculptural effectsthat ebb and flow capturing the imagination and creating spaces that have a high degree of the extraordinary.

Ancient Techniques Applied to Unconventional Design

Glyphé is De Castelli’s 2023 quest to experiment with new, complex, overlapping processes that draw inspiration from traditional forging techniques but substitute brass for iron: layered phases of beating, oxidation, polishing, brushing, and honing give rise to material conformations on thick sheets as well as distinctive marks on metal.

An unprecedented topographical design, suggests unconventional patterns, landscape effects, and powerful geological mappings: unique and different footprints, engravings, and imprints, enhanced and sculpted by diverse treatments, thus take shape in surfaces and furniture accessories.

Xilo Coffee Table

A result of Glyphé, for example, is the Xilo coffee table, designed by Delineo Design and inspired by the refined and sinuous aesthetics of Art Nouveau, a true metal sculpture that enhances the company’s craftsmanship techniques and manufacturing excellence.

The coffee table is composed of thick brass plates, rounded at the ends and of different lengths, bent and juxtaposed with irregularities to create a rhythmic movement. Each element features a distinctive pattern of imprints that dissolve into a delicate degradé of marks, contrasting with the smooth surface of the metal.

The markings imprinted on the surface of Xilo are a memory of manual workmanship that testifies to De Castelli‘s high level of craftsmanship and are the result of continuous research into the material.

Expressions of the Biomorphic research of 2022, which investigates the theme of organic forms, enhancing and reinterpreting in a contemporary key the ancient techniques of beating and hammering on metal, are the Monolite partition by Tipstudio and the Folio table by Draw Studio.

Monolite Room Partition

Monolite is an architectural partition that, like a massive body polished in nature by erosive actions, evokes geological formations on its surface.

The partition is a vertical element consisting of two symmetrical concave brass plates that brush against each other on their backs. Inside they guard a light, which comes mysteriously from a hidden crevice.  

Monolite’s design is characterized by a precise graphic sign that makes it the focal point of the space in which it is placed. The curves of the brass structure emphasize the malleability of the material and create an atmosphere of spatiality within the room, infusing a sense of depth into the object.

The partition features a stark contrast between the texture of its rough, irregular inner surface and its smooth, reflective brushed outer surface. Monolite’s surface finishes are inspired by the shapes and details generated by natural erosions. Just like these phenomena, which change over time creating unpredictable and unique surfaces, Monolite features irregular and original textures that reveal the company’s expert craftsmanship.

Folio Table

The Folio table is a pure and precise volume, characterized by a composition of orthogonal tops made of brushed brass plates. A rational sculpture, which thanks to the strength of the sign enhances the material to perfect reflective surfaces.

A scenic presence as simple as it is bold defines the table, made of thick brass plates placed on parallel planes, an exclusive design language to define both the base and the large rectangular top.

The equidistant slabs punctuate the shape of Folio and generate an interesting play of deep shadows contrasting with the reflective light of the horizontal top.

Robin Table

Also among De Castelli’s other creations is the limited edition Robin table, made from a brass plate sinuously shaped and curved thanks to the company’s craftsmanship, with a delicate, poetic design and an almost magical detail.

De Castelli

The Sculptural Effect: Creations Between Art and Design

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