Dekton Ukiyo by Consentino: Elevating Spaces with Three-Dimensional Elegance

Dekton Ukiyo by Cosentino is the new textured collection characterized by linear grooves developed in collaboration with London-based interior designer Claudia Afshar. 

The sustainable surfaces, with high technical performance, gain three-dimensionality and rhythm through a vertically oriented decorative pattern, allowing for personalized architectural and interior projects.

Dekton Ukiyo Brings a. Symphony of Textures

The slabs’ textures add depth, becoming a furnishing element to define residential and contract spaces. Inspired by Japanese design and culture, Ukiyo celebrates the art of minimalism and embodies the mantra of “living in the moment.”

Claudia Afshar explains, “I have always been inspired by natural materials to make the spaces I design as comfortable, warm, and authentic as possible. Ukiyo’s rhythm is relaxing; the color variations and grooves are romantic yet contemporary and trendy.”

Specifically designed for vertical cladding applications—from interior walls to external facades, fireplaces to custom furniture—Dekton Ukiyo is available with a matte finish and two different patterns.

There are five color variations: Bromo, a dark gray shade inspired by homogeneous metamorphic rocks like slate; Kreta, inspired by concrete with a uniform and controlled design, featuring an opaque texture alternating dark and light patches; Nacre, characterized by a cream shade with delicate spatula details; Umber, a terracotta color with a textured effect; and Rem, featuring brown and gray veins with hints of gold on a white background, inspired by Calacatta Lincoln marble.


Dekton Ukiyo by Consentino: Elevating Spaces with Three-Dimensional Elegance

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