Delivery from the Orient

An authentic world-class sushi restaurant reopens in Portici, in the province of Naples. After a careful and important restyling, cult-favorite J Contemporary Japanese Restaurant opens its doors to an ambiance that is seductive and food that is exquisite. Even the delivery packaging takes on an exotic edge.

The historic location of the J group has been completely renovated, punctuated by deep colors adding to a sense of chic intrigue, where the blue of the armchairs and the black of the wood paneling on the walls contrast with the dazzling white of the tablecloths. The floor is covered with warm wooden parquet and the seats alternate between leather armchairs and large benches with blue velvet covers.

J Contemporary Japanese Restaurant

A convivial concept, animated by a new look despite the period of crisis in the restaurant industry, ready to welcome customers with quality takeaway and delivery that is mindful of every detail. The attention to detail can even be seen in the packaging that uses elegant black boxes in which the courses are divided into special spaces so as not to ruin the scenic assembly.

The J format is centered on a gastronomic offer that looks to Japan but is revisited through an international perspective that draws on original reworkings of successful Japanese dishes, while creating unusual combinations, in a play between refinement, modernity, and taste.

The dishes are therefore interpreted with a special touch, also linked to the territory where the restaurant is located. Here, it is the region of Campania that influences with a tempura Neapolitan style, and also for the interpretation of the sushi with a modern flair. Among the signature dishes are the sandwich with tuna tartare, the Akamisando with wasabi mayonnaise and toasted sesame, the prawn on a waffle with vegetable coals, crispy orange with citrus mayonnaise. There is a range of ravioli dumplings with a variety of fillings such as those with white fish, red shrimp from Mazara, suckling pig with vegetables and lemongrass, or those in tempura with chicken and Shitake mushrooms. Try the Black Code fillet marinated in miso sauce with passion fruit cream and asparagus or the special rolls with unusual ingredients such as crispy asparagus. Each dish is constantly evolving, as are the desserts, made with traditional Japanese ingredients such as Macha tea or yuzu, but executed with modern techniques and incorporating daring combinations, in a gastronomic vision of fine dining with a contemporary allure.

Delivery from the Orient

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